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I have the Nikon specific version but rarely use it as Lightroom/photoshop seems more than adequate. Very few people will be able to see the difference in high quality prints edited by either software.

I use topaz and DXO on the side for specific tasks.

I will not be upgrading again as cannot see the the value with the price increase.

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My first SLR was a Zeiss Contaflex IV in 1958, then a Pentax spotmatic in 1968 and later moved to Nikon F2SB in 1972. First digital was canon 20D in 2005 and then 5D and then moved back to Nikon with D300, D700 and now D850, still have D700.

Moved back to Nikon as they care more about continuity for legacy lenses, and they still do, Canon have abandoned their earlier customers. Still use all of my original Ai lenses, optics are excellent even on the D850. Compared my original 50mm f1:4 Ai with the 50mm 1:4G there is virtually no difference.

Find Nikons easier to use in cold weather because of larger buttons and liked the positions of the front and rear adjustment wheels. For me they just have a more professional engineered feel than the Canons.

Still extremely satisfied with all of my Nikon gear, the D850 is an incredible camera. Will wait for a Z9 in a D850 equivalent body size.

Congratulations Nikon on raising the bar with an amazing camera. I would have not expected less.

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On article DPReview TV: Nikon Z9 first impressions review (193 comments in total)

How about making a stills only version for less money. How many still landscape or wedding photographers really use video and if they do, unless they are making broadcast or cinema quality a much lesser camera would be more than sufficient.

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If it was not for Skylum leading the way here would Adobe have put the effort into these changes?

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Mikho: I'm really confused with the company's tools as it's not clear how they differ. How are Luminar 4 and Luminar AI different and how Luminar Neo fits in? Neo -- because Matrix 4 movie is to be released in December? 😅 They really should make it more clear what exactly they try to sell not to lose clients.

They have lost me as a customer as I feel totally manipulated and played.

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Skylum is becoming a marketing cash machine. Not at all happy with all these new versions of the same thing seemingly to drag more money out of the customer. They are starting to cost the same annually as a lightroom package and require more work with all the new changes and upgrades and confusing constant name changes. They made a big deal of owning the software without the subscription but now it is costing more than the subscription and has nowhere near the capability of the Lightroom/photoshop combo.especially in regard to DAM.

Capture one or the Adobe package give the impression of much more stability and standardization in their progression via version upgrades.

As to the emphasis on AI, all that is is clever programming and marketing jargon to make us think that there is really intelligence there and to relieve us of our hard earned cash. They are not within a million years of passing the Turing test with their so called AI.

Most disappointed in what Skylum has become.

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If the equipment is that good why need such a large service centre. One can anticipate some accidents but Pros generally treat their equipment respectfully. Having such large service facilities available will sure encourage users towards being less than careful with equipment handling.

Spending billions to have the olympics at a different venue every four years is criminally negligent and a total waste of the planets resources. Just look at what eventually became of previous olympic venues. Not very many have been used as intended and in anycase cost far too much for post olympic use.

Surely it would be of benefit to have an olympic venue in one place which could then be used every 4 years and also inbetween by various international events. This would be paid for by income from use and by each olympic participating nation contributing towards its construction and upkeep.

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I use an Epson v750 and 10000xl scanner. Have used All 3 apps.

Silverfast has a very complex and difficult interface. It is also expensive and one has to buy a different version for each scanner which is outrageous.

Epson’s scan works well but colour is not always good. It can be quite slow and badly needs an update.

Vuescan always works and is easy to use and is fast. It works easily with every scanner i have tried.

The easiest and very fast way to copy slides is with the nikon d850 and the relevant slide copying attachment and a led studio light. Scanners are way too slow for this. Results are excellent and if one has difficult slides simply do them HDR. Topaz sharpenAI also is great for fixing soft slides. Shoot with the emulsion side to the camera and then reverse the slide in Lightroom for absolutely accurate focus.

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On article Hands-on with Nikon's 58mm F0.95 'Noct' lens (317 comments in total)

This puts Nikon right up at the front of the lens pack. It also ads prestige for all Nikon owners. Greatness by association. I would probably never buy one but it feels good to be a part of this.

Nikon has really pulled itself together within a relatively short time. A couple of years ago one wondered whether it had lost its way and today it is very much in the forefront of photography again. Their high end lenses and bodies are all beautifully made and a pleasure to use. The real plus for me is that one can still use most of the existing lenses on the latest bodies which makes it far easier to change to the latest Z series bodies and still continue using all of ones existing Fmount lenses.

Nikon has stayed loyal to its customers throughout. I have been using Nikon gear since 1970 and have many excellent primes from that time and use them, with great pleasure and excellent results, on the latest bodies. Others manufacturers have abandoned their existing customers along the way.

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The price is outrageous

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On article This Adobe quiz reveals what creative type you are (179 comments in total)

One wonders if they are collecting user profiles in some way through DPR log in details or our own Ip address, and selling our data. Adobe has a huge business in this area assisting companies in ad targeting.

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Has great potential but misses any point entirely. Over dramatic and really no message. All we see are a few oxen standing around and close ups of icy fur. If one goes to this length to get there and photograph them with great gear then there must be much more of a story to tell. As already mentioned, what is climate change doing to them? Nice stills but somehow an empty message. Does not convey enough feeling.

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A year or so ago Adobe said it would continue with Lightroom as a stand alone licence. Now they have reneged on their promise. Now Adobe says it will continue to support Lightroom Classic. Can we believe them? Based on their performance the answer is NO!

I have spent thousands on their software and upgrades. This whole issue is most disappointing and one feels cheated and deceived.

It seems obvious that Adobe will eventually move everything to the cloud where they can charge for storage by the month.

No one at the moment has any software that will do what lightroom does, it appears that many are working on this. As soon as a replacement is available I will change. I would have moved to Capture One but it is overpriced and their filing system is confusing although their raw rendering for my D800E seems better than Lightroom's.

The $10/month plan is fine but I want to keep my own files on my own system and I don't trust that Adobe will continue to allow me to do this!! Pure Greed!

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One would expect readers of DPR to score high. They should show the running total average of all scores at the end.

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Meaningless alterations did nothing to enhance the image and poorly done. I would have done a better job. These images were not worth spending any time on to digitally alter them. Perhaps we should be looking at north korea's images or Kim Kardishians instead of these. Should give opportunity at end to show what was altered when wrong choice was made.

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radissimo: Dear CEOs of all companies making mobile phones,

is this what really ehat customers really want? 5.8 inch edge to edge display? all freaking gimmicks.
Give me simply 1 week of battery life and better cameras!
Kind Regards,

1 month of battery at least

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If Apple puts a face scanner on the iPhone it will remove the fingerprint reader and home button. Surely the net cost should be zero. Not sure about facial recognition as surely this is just as easily broken into by forcing the user to look at the phone as it was by forcing a finger swipe. Perhaps even easier as there are makeup artists and sculpturers who can easily duplicate a face. And the price is already far far too high.

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How terribly, terribly sad. Michael has been an inspiration to me for the past 12 years and I have been an ardent reader of the Luminous Landscape and have followed his travels and photography and benefited immensely from his writing and tutorials. His selfless sharing of all of his experience and knowledge has been an inspiration and a worthy role model. RIP Michael and my sincerest to his family and friends on their great loss. Photography has lost a great standard bearer.

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You show the lens brand but tape over the camera brand. Seems like a pointless excercise. Surely this should not be a secret unless you are testing a prototype subject to a NDA. Surely full disclosure is always appropriate in journalism! Besides surely also the readers would be very interested.

Great shots though and food for thought.

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It is a really nice piece of software but still needs some tidying up. There is no histogram, the space between the menu items on the side bars is too great resulting in lots of scrolling to get to them. It would be great to be able to place components of the sidebars on a different monitor and have the image being edited on full screen on another monitor. Otherwise first impressions are very favorable especially with all of the film filters available. It is time Lightroom had a competent competitor. Alien skin is an excellent company and I have been using their software for a number of years with excellent results and it is also very stable.

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