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JOrmsby: Kudos to Canon, their EF-R lens lineup looks really nice. I think they've made a smart decision to keep them as small as possible (as opposed to Nikon's giant S 70-200 2.8). Just wish their sensors would catch up to Sony.

Their current sensors are already on par with Sony, and that's without the use of BSI and other fancy sensor tricks.

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vegetaleb: Nice features but what an ugly look!!
It's like an old DSLR , I know it has nothing to do with IQ but common Canon you should change your designers

I had always hoped that when Canon released their mirrorless cameras, to keep it exactly like their DSLR but flatten a bit...and my dreams came true. Why ruin something great. I think it looks hella sexy. lol.

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Richmondthefish: If you use the camera comparison tool and put the Sony a7R IV against the R5 it shows that the Sony a7R IV has a higher rating for video mode. That has to be a mistake...right?

If sony said they could give you 8k recording via a firmware update, but it'll have a record limit and overheat...would you say give it to us anyways or would you say no. Any person with common sense would say 'give it to us'.

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The Avengers could've used this to beat Thanos.

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That speedbooster though. Wonder how it would look paired with the R5.

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Copal Fit: Ironically, Leica M camera housing with metal might have been ideal here instead of the plastic R5 body. Just that Leica M has no loger any video option and couldn't care less about this issue ;)

The R5 is made of metal, unfortunately magnesium doesn't conduct heat very well.

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So I can trust this camera to survive in photographic adventures in the deep jungles and dry sandy desert? Awesome.

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RexTremendae: All well and good, but how are cell phones shooting and saving 8k video?? Are they also overheating? If not, then perhaps Canon has some work to do with how efficiently they're making use of the CPU in the R5. Perhaps they're not taking full advantage of all the cores and they're running one core super hard which is causing excess heat? Hopefully a firmware update will fix the issue. Embarrassing for them in the meantime considering my Osmo Pocket will shoot 4k 60p until the battery dies...

8k phones and your Osmo Pocket can shoot until the battery dies...but quality is no comparison.

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Really want this for RF mount!

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TerryV81: So Gordon Laing recently tested the Ibis performance and could only get 4 to 5 stops! Far from the 8 stops that were promised unfortunately. It was one of the major assets of this camera for me (as a still only shooter on A7r3). I have to say I'm not so excited by this camera anymore.

It's still the best full frame IBIS system, where else are you going to look?

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On article Canon EOS R5 added to studio test scene (565 comments in total)

Wow, that's clean!!!

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JimCorbett: 240 RAWs buffer? Just like the A9? Wow!

I shot a fashion show with the EOS R and got 4000 shots on a single battery.

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On article Canon EOS R5: The long game ends with a big leap (682 comments in total)
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PinnyHead: I look forward to re-reading this article 5 years from now when Canon is still using the exact same tech as the R5

Because they release tech that'll be relevant for 5-10yrs...not 1-2yrs.

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Kharan: This thing won't sell for less than $5K. Not if Canon want to recoup all of the expensive R&D going there that won't be easily transferred or trickled down to other models... But especially because they CAN. The R5 won't have any direct competition for at least a year, and maybe more.

Bet it'll come out at $3500 and sell like hotcakes, which will make up for R&D and what not. And like mentioned above, it is a 5 series and it will be priced accordingly.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)

Hurry up and take my money!!! And i don't even shoot videos, lol.

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nikonianer: so 8k with how many crop, 4x?

For it to be 4x crop, it'd have to be over 100 megapixels.

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Normally when DPR shares rumors, they know something we don't already. Sharing someones elses info protects them from violating NDA ;)

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Record profit, and record horrible experience. Memory hungry software and they still can't get the camera profile and settings to match the same on the software.

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DPReview posting this like they don't already have a camera themselves already, testing and writing up a article just to release it the day Canon announces it, hehe.

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looks just like the DSLR version with a built in adapter. i have the DSLR version, nice rendering overall.

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