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I think its a world press photo winner, just fantastic. It shows in one photo our internet voyeur culture... I always say(joking) to my daughter when she fall and hurt... you got to warn me first to give me time to get the camera.

And now that photographer will be rich and famous should pay a big pension for the rest of his life to the family of his photo subject.

A great photo but if I was the photographer I will be so a shame that I will never show it to anyone, don't even know if I could see it myself after thinking that maybe(just maybe) I could save the guy.

And its not the same that shooting war crimes, here he got 20 seconds to save the man and do nothing else than take a picture to show.

In my opinion this is a sad days for all photographers in the world, I'm an amateur but I don't want to be in the same "box" of Umar Abbasi. I will never be a pro if I need to act like him.

This is our world... better take one good photo than save a live :(

(Sorry for the poor english)

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