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MartinaB: We do not need titanium, carbon or exotic woods. The technology in this camera will date in a year. This is over engineering on the wrong part of the camera.

In your BJF interview you indirectly slag Asian manufacturing. The Japanese presently make the best cameras in the world. Asia is the worlds high tech factory floor. Don't build the camera in Sweden to subsidize your social government if it produces a bloated ugly overpriced product. As business manager you are running this business to certain death!

If Samsung can come out of no where and in a few years build pretty respectable cameras, shouldn't Hasselblad be able to do so much better?

Build us a good camera with proven materials at a reasonable price and we will buy it.

I would take Japanese manufacturing over any other in a heartbeat. No culture is as anal-intensive as Japanese culture.

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Zigadiboom: It may be true that the target market will predominantly resolve to using RAW. However at this price point having a camera producing sub-par jpegs is frankly inexcusable.

Its like buying a new Ferrari that has a below average airconditioner. You don't buy a Ferrari for its airconditioning but rather for its performance. However an airconditioner is still an important component of the overall package and a technology that should have been well and truly mastered years ago.

Ferraris are unreliable as hell. Overpriced. Get a Nissan GT-R, which will spank it.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (705 comments in total)

Is it technically possible for Canon to improve its JPEG engine via firmware?

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