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I hope I am allowed to post a link for this petition.

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Nukunukoo: Can I choose all of the above except the last part? I just hope that Adobe is not evil enough to buy off any remaining competitors.

Ooo not evil enough, they bought PS themselves by the Knoll brothers

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)

I´ve used PS since Barney scans but unless Adobe re-adds the purchase option CS6 will be the last version I will use.
Even if LR has been taking the grunt of the processing with most image editing compared PS is still a vital tool in image editing but I will abandon PS for this reason and I am so p***ed off with adobe for this that I will look at C1 and aperture for replacement for LR as well.

Photographer and photoshop teacher
I am downloading gimp as I type!!!!

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CNY_AP: Real images are also a scam, like when the AP or Reuters had 100's of good images of George Bush Sr one day, yet used one of him seemingly standing under the helo (he wasn't) which had a sign on it stating "WARNING: Do not stand under moving rotor". Or how about when Mitt Romney was at an elementary school, and perverted liberals in the media thought it was amusing to use an image of a little girl seemingly looking in amazment at Mitt's butt or something. Every survey done proves the far majority (80-95%) in the main media outlets (ie outside of Kansas; etc) are liberals, and the resulting bias is obvious and destructive. BBC are a bunch of lefties too as far as I can tell...well, the UK is well left of the USA in general to begin with.

Hmmm, they have a conservative government and you have a liberal president, in that case that must make your liberals to the right of UK's rights so it would mean that US conservative would be so far right that that they would almost turn black.... was that not the coiche of color of some unfortunate political movements in the mid 30's in europe.
Oooh and btw if you would have a look at the link you would see several image edits that was referring to political leaders to both the right and the left.
But we where talking about image edits and not political rants where we not......
But I am glad that the media in Kansas is beyond reproach, Hey Dorothy we're not in Kansas any more.

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