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  • There is a simple way to change exposure compensation using manual exposure ant auto iso. Change to aother PAS mode, set the exposure compensation you want, and turn back to M.  The exposure ...
  • I have never had a GH2 so my comments are all based on reviews, so probably worthless! It sounds like a pretty good camera providing you can keep to iso 1600 or below.  Its focusing was praised in ...
  • No experience with thet 45mm macro. but the Olympus 12-50 in macro mode does a very good job with a reversed tripod and a light box tom
  • Well I really don't want to get in to an acrimonious debate with you on the qualities of the EM5iii/Om5.  It really does not matter to me what you think of it, I regard it as an excellent small ...
  • I am sure that's exactly what a proud new owner wants to hear! I use an EM5iii and it's terrific, and I don't have a problem using AF I am sure the OM5 is even better. I guess the OP will get used ...
  • Ha I am sort of trying out the other way with a 50-200 and convertors as an 'easier to carry' and wider alternative to my PL100-400 especially for overseas trips.  I'll post results after testing.  ...
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    Thanks for the help.  I have sort of dodged the original issue for now (which was whether to try micro SD cards which could be read directly in my laptop) by buying a fast USB C, SD UHSii reader ...
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    Thank you for a helpful reply.  I think I will plod on with the slower cards until I find the speed is hurting.  The cost of the faster cards is a lot more.  As cards have become cheaper I tend to ...
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    Sorry I now see that the speed of sandisk extreme pro is 170 read and 90 write.  So my figures above need amending tom
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    Thank you.  It does not seem so simple, though, to me. Perhaps you or someone else can explain V30 cards have a minimum write speed of 30Mps, and V90 of 90Mps.  However San Disk Extreme V30 and ...
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    Thanks, Albert Good advice.  You obviously know most of the places to try in Hong Kong and your suggestions are good.  There are a few shops in Sim City selling cards and things which look good.  ...
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    I hope you were trying to be helpful but think you were just trying to make a smart remark I you do want to help, please explain why a V30 card will slow down an OM1 for still photography. tom
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    Thank you for your advice.  I will follow both  leads up.  I also plan a trip to SIM City on Moday, I will see what they have tom
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    Yes, most of the time tom
  • Created discussion thread Micro SD cards
    My lightweight windows laptop has a micro SD slot and USB C slots. When travelling I generally take a port extender which gives me extra USB A ports and a standard SD slot. It's one more thing to ...
  • Posting any comparisons on this forum is always dangerous.  There is often someone out to prove they are smarter than you and who would have done it differently. The objective of my test was to see ...
  • I will probably try again next week, especially after seeing the image posted above by Pietro with the 1.4 thanks tom
  • Very nice!  I will probably try again with the TC1.4 tom
  • I am always looking to better the weight/IQ compromise for my tele lenses (where I find carrying big lenses is difficult)  At present on my OM1 I have  Oly75-300, PL100-400 and PL200 f2.8 with 1.4 ...
  • A good rule of thumb, but what do you think about the Ganesh image taken by BrentBrent, above.  Perhaps if you get lucky the 2x can work well  on some lenses tom
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