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On article NHK working on 8k video sensor capable of 120fps (94 comments in total)
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maxnimo: "video at 120fps"! Now this is what I've been waiting for! Its about time we get rid of the archaic, flickering, eye-strain inducing 24,30 and 60 fps standards. I can't believe big movie theaters still use 24 fps...so pathetic and embarrassing. And did I mention that even 60 fps on an led monitor gives me eye strain every time?

LED monitor gives you eye strain for totally different reason: PWM, which is the cause of flickering (that TFT panel itself doesn't have): http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/pulse_width_modulation.htm
It can also be a crappy TN panel with bad contrast.
None of that will be solved by 120fps video.

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