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  • Created discussion thread First ever Nikon bridge camera? ;)
    What year could it be?
  • Found some older (from couple of days ago) shots when deep cleaning my pics. This is one of them, glad I didn't mark it for deletion This one was taken with 2 x digital zoom, still hand held
  • Thanks! I used AF for this shot (for the other one too) because I don't really like using MF. It was hard to focus on the leaves (even with point focus) but one in five tries it worked. P1000 is ...
  • Created discussion thread Double moon P1000
    One Moon, two perspectives
  • Replied in Snapbridge app
    What to do to make Snapbridge to work with p1000 via wi-fi and be able to download Raws? I tried forgetting, changing wi-fi settings on mobile - nothing worked. Latest version of Snapbridge Bluetoo ...
  • Replied in P1000 buttons
    I know I could remove memory card, stick it to a laptop or PC through adapter or connect through usb and do everything from there. The problem is I've got just a mobile phone that I can use 24/7, ...
  • I sometimes have one sharp picture out of tens, but when I see the best picture I know it's not camera's fault, it's mine. Good luck
  • Created discussion thread P1000 buttons
    Hello. I'm using P1000 just since three weeks so have a question to someone who has it for longer: how durable are P1000's buttons? I make preliminary deletions on-camera, using multiselector ring, ...
  • Created discussion thread Pigeon of hope
    Just shot this today out of boredom and without any expectations, but turned out interesting after auto correction and cropping in Lightroom mobile. Kind of heavenly :)
  • They left it there because they realize that all this silicon technology is not as reliable as one might think. Simple sun anomaly can take us back to '60's ;)
  • Continuation from yesterday, have to take advantage of perfectly clear skies before the waves of storms come...
  • Thanks for motivation! Can't believe I was considering returning my first non-phone camera few days after purchase... Patience (with anything) is a virtue
  • Thank you. I don't want to invest in a tripod just for moon shots, but some simple not expensive monopod would be a good alternative for adding some steadiness. Thanks for head up!
  • Thank you! Next evening's photo turned out even little bit better with much less tries, exercising pays off and (I hope) will save time and nerves later, when shooting less polite targets :)
  • Created discussion thread Yet another moon shot P1000
    Yesterday I tried to shoot some decent Moon pictures handheld (no tripod yet), it was a tedious 1.5 hours work but few shots turned out quite decent and this one stood out from the others so I'm ...
  • Hello Satyaa! Basically after two weeks I improved the steadiness of my shots (I started to use EVF instead of display so got my cheek/nose as additional stabilizer ;)). Still hit or miss but I got ...
  • Nice catch, but I won't bet which direction it's heading (if it has any head at all :))
  • I tried to shoot two jets couple of days ago but the photos were disastrous, nowhere near to these.
  • Seems like Australia is a perfect place for bird photography, or animal photography in general. I'd never get bored there :)
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