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  • Created discussion thread What software do u use for 6d2 video?
    I recently start to do simple video for kid events. And now and then need to do  simple video editing. However it seems Eos movie doesn't work for mp4. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  • The phase detection only working for lens  max apurture faster than f8.0. your 5.6 lens with 2x makes it f11. So it won't AF. For live view, as long as their is good light it will AF.
  • No,. The only thing you get is marginal size reduction for the system and 4K. I wouldn't call AF much improved because you can shoot in liveview if more coverage is needed. I also 6d will have ...
  • I have 6d2 and I have checked many raws before the purchase. The DR is just OK, but it doesn't have much pattern noise so I can push it 2-3 stops acceptable to me. However, everyone’s tolerance to ...
  • @brendon1000, tell me a camera that has no limit? There is always some limit some where. The only question should be the limit bother you or to be a blocker. If yes, you are not intended customer....

  • I think the camera industry has come to a point of diminishing return. Whatever camera out of any manufacturer is far beyond most photographer's capability. So camera manufacturer' s job is to...

  • My take: If you want to use RF lenses, then you have no choice because no other body can drive them. If that is not the case and you are a 5d4 owner I don't see much reason to buy it other than ...
  • I assume it should work as good as on Canon DSLRs. Unless R has a mode to detect non Canon Lens and block it. Which should be possible technically but I doubt they will do. But I doubt if Sigma ...
  • Indeed, it seems Canon will encourage people still to buy EF lenses. Only for ppl want the best optics to buy RF. That will make life of EF mount much longer. In the end, it is market to decide ...
  • If I were Canon I would include the clear filter in all drop in adaptor. Let's wait and see.
  • Sorry my bad. I do mean R. Thanks for pointed out.
  • In a dslr u have main dial and big ring dial which are the two main control. Z doesn't have the one on the back so you need control ting. Unless u use the touch bar instead.
  • I think US price is cheaper to buy adaptor plus vnd for 399.
  • Sure there will be new R body coming out. But do u buy new RF lense or EF lens, for example, 24-105 f4? That decision won't change with new r body or not
  • I do use cpl and ND quite often. So buying Z with dropun filter is convenient. However, my understanding is on Z you will need control ring becausebyou lose the dial on the back. Hence the dilemma.
  • My thoughts are similar. With 2 exotic lenses it shows the commitment. With adaptors, EF user should be more than happy. I think Canon understand system better than any other company out there.
  • Created discussion thread A bit confused on upgrade path for R
    I am prosumer with 5d2 and 6d2. The release of R is exciting while a bit confusing for me. First of all, I don't care about 2 card slots, ibis, 4k. 2nd I am super excited about drop in filter. I ...
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