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Antsl: I understand the challenges Giora faced in this project... NGO staff guiding him thru every encounter. But is this really story-telling photography? If you striped away the written descriptions and summary of gear used, would you know who these women were, or understand what they do to survive every day?

Are we seeing truck drivers salaciously loitering in the background? Are we seeing children under beds while their mothers go to work? Are we seeing any deep human engagement / emotion / insight?

I see a collection of portraits... portraits that could have been made of almost any woman anywhere in Asia. On their own they tell us nothing about who these individuals really are.

I think it is one thing to approach NGOs and volunteer your time, but I think you do so at the risk of compromising the real story telling opportunities. Giora is not the only photographer I know who has worked for NGO's, and in the process lost any real opportunity to tell some honest engaging stories.

Igor -
Really got into studying the faces in your photos and the composition. Super. Heading to Bangkok in April and look forward to the opportunity of photographing the people as well as the temples and the beautiful scenery.
Thanks for the link

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It is surprising there is no mention of a security system. Retailers of high value items are usually required by their insurance companies to have them, in addition to fire detection and security cameras. This appears to be a smash and grab burglary carried out in mere minutes after the perps cased the store making note of the items to be taken. Many storefronts today have a clear film installed on their windows which makes a crime of this type much, much more difficult.

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It would be nice if the printer manufacturers were more upfront and posted the cost to print a 8x10 photo, including the use of cleaning the head when not used in a week or two. I have found it to be much more economical to use my Brother B&W Laser for general printing and for my color work to be sent out. Added benefit to that I don't have to limit myself to 8x10.

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I'd rather have 12 +/- bottles of Johnny Walker Blue.

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On photo Crystal Mill near Marble Colorado in the Cabin challenge (16 comments in total)

Beautiful photo. I looked on Youtube for a video of the jeep tour....

Fasten seat belts and enjoy :)

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On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (359 comments in total)

Really think DPR should vet their news articles more carefully. This had to have come from the Onion news blog.

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When reporting a lost or stolen item the police [and I believe your insurance company] require a serial number to properly describe it in the NCIC [National Crime Information Center] data base. Without the serial number if an item is recovered there is no reasonable way to prove or show ownership. In my opinion Panasonics response to the problem indicates a total lack of understanding all the issues involved, which go beyond the warranty. And I don't think Panasonic is alone in this "cut costs to keep the shareholders happy" mentality where a robotic engraving a serial number will cost somewhat more.

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billbourd: I'm surprised Leica chose not to machine the camera out of titanium instead of the cheaper, softer aluminum. If it were titanium I might have had to invest in one. :)

Agreed to a point. Aluminum, I believe, is not a metal used to make watches, rings, etc. as titanium is. So my attempt at humor or sarcasm was to make a truly luxury product it should have been made using a 'higher' [more expensive] grade of metal.

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)

Another thought just occurred to me. If the T sells well they can market a new model, the Ti for a grand more.

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)

I'm surprised Leica chose not to machine the camera out of titanium instead of the cheaper, softer aluminum. If it were titanium I might have had to invest in one. :)

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Greg VdB: reversing a ~50mm lens to do extreme macro cheaply is nothing new, but Alexey definitely went a bit further than most, and the results are fantastic.

Here's a shot I took of air bubbles in a glass of orange juice with coloured papers in the background. Ten years old, made with a 4MP Casio QV4000 (the poor man's Canon Powershot G2), but it's still one of my personal favourites:

You just caused me to lose time from my schedule admiring your galleries. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

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justmeMN: And in the US, some people never go anywhere without bringing a handgun along.

This is a good point made by someone who obviously has street smarts. Thank God they are not needed elsewhere. :)

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solarider: Hello and greets,

My Q's to DPR staff,TIA!:

To what degree would Olympus brand lenses function with the GX7? Is there significant loss of function in some way? Bad idea?

Does panning work with IBIS or is there need to disable IBIS? Would a camera like the GX7 even be doable for BIF's?

What degree of tracking is working with this camera if any? Bad choice for BIF's?Are any of the mft's cameras even close to being BIF-able :-p ? probably barking up the wrong tree. Nevertheless, what long lenses would be usable for bif on this cam?

I've read marvelous things about Olympus making the very best lenses out of Japan, how do the Panasonic lenses compare?

Whew! :-)

Why are you saying there is a limitation of Panny lenses with OIS? Just turn it off.

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On article DPReview launches GearShop (316 comments in total)

I would guess the product pricing would be the same on the Gear Shop as on Amazon?

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On article DPReview launches GearShop (316 comments in total)

At first glance I do not like this concept. I do shop often at Amazon and am quite happy with my experiences there and I have always gone to DPReview for information on anything photographic. However this puts a different slant on both.
I have been a longtime subscriber to Consumer Reports. They have a reputation for true independence on their reviews and if they opened a shopping site I would feel betrayed for having been an avid subscriber. I know that might seem irrational, but the fact is that is how I would feel.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out and to wonder if I will be able to feel comfortable continuing to be a follower of DPReview amd shopper at Amazon.

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On article US Judge rules for Eggleston in dispute with collector (300 comments in total)

If I paid a quarter mil for a photo I would have been sure to have had a contract with the photographer that I owned the image and the copyright on it. I believe if you buy a painting you own it outright. Why should a photo be any different, unless as in the latter case there were two prints and you bought it knowing that. I cannot understand anyone who would spend that kind of money without having full ownership.

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