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rocklobster: How do you think the man's family would feel seeing that image. Shame on you NYP.

I can't speak for them, but if I were in their situation I'd be offended by the headline, not offended by the photograph. I think I would want to see the photograph. I think I would want to have as many photographs as possible to help me make sense of it and to see him one last time. I wouldn't want to see an after photo, but in this, the person is still alive.

I'm just speaking for myself, here, as somebody who has had people in his family die too young. I have a photograph of one of them, at the end, and it doesn't bother me to see it. I wish I had a photograph of somebody else in my family who died much more suddenly.

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On photo _MG_3828-Edit in the Seriously out of fashion. challenge (3 comments in total)

Very clever. I like the framing, too.

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On photo 20121025-_EM50341 ptgui in the Micro Four Third challenge (8 comments in total)

Wonderful shot. Well deserved win.

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On photo Daddy?.... I don't feel so good. in the Halloween All Hallows Eve, Dia de Los Muertos challenge (14 comments in total)

This is horrifying. Good job :)

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On article Breaking the Rules (142 comments in total)

Everyone should just read Michael Freeman's The Photographer's Eye, to get the basics. Composition is more than just where things go.

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On article Breaking the Rules (142 comments in total)

Every picture in this article is following some compositional rule or another that I am aware of. Composition is more than just putting certain elements in certain fixed places on the frame. The subject(s) still need to be interesting, or there has to be interesting tension, etc. Some things are more objective than others.

I think a better thesis would be that there are many, many rules, some of them contradictory, and it's good to know all of them so you have some idea which ones to use in which situation, and which ones to acknowledge and then ignore.

Maybe rules isn't the right word for it, anyway. It's more like, this has worked for artists in the past. They give you a framework for understanding good images, in the hopes that we can find success as well. I think your best point in the whole article is the one about doing specific projects. I am routinely inspired to experiment with different compositional concepts as a basis for a specific project.

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I still can't quite get over the sky crane maneuver. This robot is pretty much the coolest thing our species has ever done.

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On article Fashion Shoot: Tips from a Pro (82 comments in total)

Not my kind of photography, but very interesting to read. Thanks for writing this.

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On Article:4886827527 (249 comments in total)
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alan_potter: Congratulations on the new site!

Mobile phone photography is clearly here to stay, and the technical quality of these devices is bound to improve rapidly (as, indeed, it has been doing over recent years).

I believe that the compact point-and-shoot camera will rapidly become obsolete, as the quality of mobile phone cameras improves. That quality will be a serious differentiator, your reviews will help us choose which devices to go for.

Further, the forums will be of great benefit, and I do hope that there will be a lot of reviews of photography-related apps.

Well done, and good luck to the new site!


I think dpreview would be stupid to ignore the trend in casual photography and not go after this segment with their particular knowledgeable style. Better to keep those photographers in the same family of websites, to encourage crossovers in the community. Hopefully Connect is popular, people on Connect get curious about the original dpreview site, get interested in "real" photography, and come join us here on this site. Could be a great influx of new talent and content.

Posted on Oct 10, 2012 at 23:19 UTC
On Article:4886827527 (249 comments in total)
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shaocaholica: What are current trends? Are people sticking with mobile devices or are they quickly migrating onto dedicated cameras?

Sure there are lots of people who will only use a mobile phone camera but are those the same types of people who would actually be interested in reading about it?

It seems to me that the more interested in the subject the more inclined you are to read DPR vs connect.

I don't have a problem with mobile phone 'camera' reviews staying on DPR.

I'm really glad my phone has a camera, and that cameras in phones are getting better. There have been a bunch of times where having a camera phone was really useful. There have been a handful of times when I've gotten really great pictures I never would have gotten otherwise. But I would never go out specifically to shoot pictures with my camera phone.

For my part, only having a camera phone has driven me to buy a real camera. At last, I can really photograph for photography's sake.

I have no problem with dpreview branching out like this, though. Mobile photography is clearly huge right now, and getting huger. Insert statistics about iPhone pictures dominating picture sharing sites. With luck, maybe some of the camera phone people will cross the bridge over to the main site and real photography. The more people in this particular hobby, the cheaper and better real cameras will get, and the more variety we'll get too.

Posted on Oct 10, 2012 at 23:09 UTC
On article Just deployed: New forums system (699 comments in total)
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PAUL TILL: I've got to say it.

In the 4 years I've been here at dpreview I don't ever remember a newbie complaining that the forum was awkward to navigate, in fact I don't recall ever hearing anyone say it needed overhauling.

Sometimes things just work and in my opinion there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old styles. We had a few glitches after your move across the ocean but other than that it was perfect.

It's like when a car manufacturer spends millions of £'s developing the handling on their car and the owner sticks a set of alloys on it with the wrong offset and wonders why it no longer handles as it should.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

*raises hand*

Hi, I'm a newbie, and the old forums were awful. It remains to be seen if the new ones are any better.

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On photo Oh No! in the anxious challenge (8 comments in total)

I love this one.

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On photo Benches in snowfall in the Benches challenge (7 comments in total)

There were a lot of great benches in this challenge. Congratulations on your win.

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On photo old bench in the forest in the Benches challenge (1 comment in total)

Is that a condom wrapper?

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Kassra: how does one "type" that sound you make sticking half of the tongue out and blow out with the mouth closed around the tongue (kinda sounds like a f..t?)?
tzzzzzz? , trrrrrrrzzzz? ptzzzz?


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On photo Supper in the Birds in ''flight mode" challenge (8 comments in total)

This was my favorite of the whole challenge. Just a fantastic situation, and hilarious fish expression. Congratulations on third place, at least!

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On photo F-18E Super Hornet With Compression Wave in the Military Jet Fighters challenge (24 comments in total)

Doesn't surprise me you took 1st here. There were some I liked better, for various reasons, but this one was definitely the coolest *moment* captured out of all of them.

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On photo Waiting is the hardest part. in the Patience..(check rules before entering) challenge (1 comment in total)

I rather liked the depth of field on this one.

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On photo Mmmm....Jenga! in the Patience..(check rules before entering) challenge (12 comments in total)

I really liked this one, congratulations on your win. It wasn't the best composition or lighting or image quality, but the concept fit the challenge perfectly and I was happy to give it five stars. I laughed when I saw it. Definitely give Abby some extra treats.

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