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The "I don't shoot moving subjects" or "I'm a landscape whatever" gave me giggles. Why do you respond anyway? Of course it's not for you, but you feel the need to respond, cause you're so important right?

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (882 comments in total)

I use what I get. As a self employed choices are luxury.

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Robert Eckerlin: The reason why I am not interested in a camera with an EVF: the ugly blue-ish rendering by the EVFs of the subjects/scenes. Why that ugly blue-ish rendering? Why are camera makers not capable to build EVFs with natural color-rendering? I have many times be told: look at the modern EVFs of excellent camera makers and you will get positively surprised - that positive surprise never occured. .

When shooting, enjoying what I see through the viewfinder is an essential part of my enjoyment (am I the only one?). And the ugly bue-ish rendering by the EVFs just destroys my pleasure.

I would not mind at all EVFs with a true-life color-rendering.

"blue-ish rendering" huh? Never had that on my Sony.

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CaPi: Is it just me or does this lense dwarf the camera body?
I dont care how good this lenses is if i only get to used it on a tripod.
I dont enjoy doing that for potrait scenarios at all.

Size? So what? I shoot portraits with a 70-200 only. No tripod at all.

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Is that Trump in the first picture?

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BJ sign. No fingerprints. Safe.

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Great! I will get one. Looks like my A7RII

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ottonis: If it is possible to read fingerprints from 3m away, then ot should be even more possible to make an iris scan from the same distance.
Maybe we should al start wearing gloves and sunglasses now?

Don't you? Gloves as well.

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On article Gear of the Year 2016 - Barney's choice: Nikon D500 (217 comments in total)
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iamatrix: It's really hard to get excited about a DSLR these days.

A7RII usere here, but still excited about a great DSLR.

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On article Gear of the Year 2016 - Barney's choice: Nikon D500 (217 comments in total)
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jhashemi: The colours are very blue and images are artificial, plastic and look unreal.
Yes, they are sharp images due to so many AF .But all images do not have
a vow effect. As if they have no soul.

Some people like realistic images OOC, not squeezed in LR or Capture 1.

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Reilly Diefenbach: Mercifully few subscription haters and Capture One fanboys this time around.

LR around 2 seconds with my IMac with a 81.94MB file from my Sony A7RII. C1 was less than 2 seconds. Your computer must be very, very old.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Olympus E-10 (160 comments in total)

Owned the E-20P. It was my first digital camera.

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)

No 17" again :(

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Some Leica bashing here as usual

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maljo@inreach.com: How much "breathing"?

@DualSystemGuy thanks for clarification

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Lea5: Beautiful. I think I will get one of those bags.

Hey, we had similar bags, same colour, leather too, where we carried around our old Rolleiflexes from the 1960's. I don't see a problem with this bag at all. It's not a new thing, it's rather old fashioned. Put in any little camera you want. A Sony A7R for example and few small lenses. So what?

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Beautiful. I think I will get one of those bags.

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Cool, nice idea! Leica always surprise me.

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On article Video: Sony a6500 First Look (339 comments in total)
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NoMirror99: I feel like buying a 2x4 at Home Depot and taking a trip to Sony Japan and whacking those engineers over the head. Wake up Sony! Somebody in the top three has to be the first to introduce a complete remake of the screen interface. It needs to be an icon driven touch very similar to smartphones. Dump those freaking menus!!! I want to organize the icons on multiple screens to suit me. YOU don't know what I need and never will. And I don't care what your engineers think about what belongs on a professional camera. Stop trying to sell customers what you think they need. Sell us what we want. Or have you forgotten who is paying the blinking bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he's not serious, he's just kidding.

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