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Mike FL: The 16 min video is very long, but if you want to simplify it.

Olympus is the best:
- Fastest lens. f/2.0 while zoom out
- Widest lens
- lot of add-on including two conversion lens
- you can use lens cap and/or filters via OEM adapter

FWIW, some discontinued Ricoh have the exactly same lens system as Olympus TGs, and it also has one OEM add-on conversion lens.

IMHO, Just like SONY is the king of the 1" P&S, Olympus is the best of the best 1/2.3" sensor tough cam for now.

If Olympus put a 1'' sensor in the TG it would be the best compact camera.

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On article DPReview TV: Waterproof camera shootout 2019 (114 comments in total)

I am using the Olympus Tough TG-5 while running and cycling.
Great camera, I think. A very fast AF, good video quality and easy to carry with you.
And: no dust issues like other compacts have...!

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DualSystemGuy: All that speed (still much slower than RX100 VA) is kind of useless without a decent PDAF system. Canon also has a history of using very poor lenses on these models, hopefully that has changed for the new 24-120mm as I think that is a great range for this size of camera - I wish my Sony had a bit more without having to get the VI.

The biggest problem of these compacts always is dust.
That's why I bought an Olympus TG5, using it for photo and video while running, cycling, etc. If the sensor of the TG5 was 1'', it would be the best compact I think.

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zsa63: In a similar price range as Ricoh GRIII for me, this is not an alternative.

Satisfied about the Ricoh GR III? Is the AF fast? And what about batterylife?
I am considering buying a new compact, but can't decide between GR III, Lumix LX100 II, Sony RX100 VA and the new Canon compacts....

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I saw an interesting review from London Camera Exchange.

Now I am waiting for the review at DP Review (and sample photos).
Would like to see a comparison between these new Canon compacts and the Sony RX100 VA, Lumix LX100 II and the Ricoh GR III.

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Looks interesting to me. I love the Canon colours and the fast AF.
But with 4K 60 fps they could have beaten Sony's RX series.

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james s. kennedy: Given the current price of the Panasonic ZS100, I would choose it over either Canon.

A friend of mine has the ZS100 and is not satiesfied. The AF is sluggish, the photos are not as sharp as they could be.

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Clive99: Thanks for answering the question on the AF. Disappointed it's unit focus. For my action shooting I want something with very fast AF. I'd give up some slight IQ for internal focus.

For action shooting the Olympus TG-5 is very good, if there's enough light. It shoots 20 fps and the AF is reliable and fast. And you don't have a dust issue either.

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