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AussieJohnno: Pro, semi-pro, holidaymaker, etc etc, we are all photographers and I suspect a major reason that we don't greet categories such as high end, professional and so on with much enthusiasm is that we hate being labelled an "enthusiast." It's as bad as being labelled an "opera buff."
Scanning old 35mm slides and negatives has taught me that the first thing to consider when choosing full frame over APS-C - or the reverse - is the format, viewing medium, and hence the required resolution, of the final output. For a lot of "professional" work, a camera such as the Fujifilm X100S/T, which is APS-C of course, is more than sufficient. To move up from there, get a similar camera with interchangeable prime, repeat prime, lenses.

Heartfelt agreement. My only complaint about aps-c is the multiplying effect on wide angles.

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I dont understand the noise about some of these big names And their big prices. I have a trioppo carbon fibre - a copy of the gitzo i think at a fraction of the cost. I also have an aluminium 4 leg section cheap about the same weight.
A weighted bag is necessary with all of them regardless of price In terms of stability? Unless you get something like my old Linhof.

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donmcmahan: I bought a tripod in this general class a few years ago and I fell in with the conventional wisdom that 'you want a ball head' I soon found that I didn't. I found it quite hard to find an Arca Swiss compatible Pan and tilt head. why on earth do so many of the manufacturers make ball heads with Arca quick release and pan and tilt heads with their own proprietary quick release? I ended up with a Giottos Mini Video Head but it wasn't easy

i agree ball heads are not always the way to go, tho i have a few I have an older and smaller SLIK that is what i want in terms of weight size and function.

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Skipper494: Why M4/3 is pushed, over an APS-C is beyond me. That's like preferring a VW over a BMW.

does that mean the bmw like 135 full frame would be plagued with electrical problems?

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Thank you so much for posting these, I love this stuff. My own family collection is 20 years after this and am in the process of scanning them - but most are BW and i do wish my mother had been able to afford a better camera than the box brownie

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the fall of 2015 - that would be 'Autumn' in 2015 in the UK I guess

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I have had two mirror less cameras. The G3 and the xpro1. Wish someone would design a sliding panel to 'shield' all the buttons on the LH side. This one, like the G3 i had has too many opportunities to bump things. Xpro is similar. I built a thumbs rest the covered the buttons from accidentals and still allowed access. It works, but is a stop gap.

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jderrico: Isn't it strange that with so many improvements in the camera capabilities of these cell phones, I still see many people walking around in their front yards, driveways, and streets trying to pick up a signal to talk on their phone? Wouldn't it be easier to build cell phones into regular cameras? You'd still have people trying to get a signal, but at least they wouldn't have to worry so much about their picture taking capabilities. Wouldn't it be easier to put a cell phone in a camera than the other way around?

Brilliant idea! Or just make the phone big enough to put a real camera in it!

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We have a 3.2 canon sure shot (?) that my wife still uses it. Over the years, at postcard size jpg' its image has proven to be almost impossible to tell from either hi end film or digital cameras used at the same time in the same conditions. I assume that most people take snaps with their phones. Good on 'em. Nothing wrong with snapping. For hi end images tho, you need a hi end (real) camera with a similar lens.

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Dionis: Original Size does not mean original quality. I have been using Picasa for years (still do) and used to upload original sizes. I have looked into every possible setting so the file would look its best online. The compression process when uploading reduces sharpness and brightness even when using Lightroom.

I have looked at many online albums (fee and free ones) and I have not seen any I would consider high resolution. It seems like the equivalent of posting videos to You Tube or Vimeo.

I have been using flickr for a while now, it does similar things, I have posted some wide pans and the quality is a bit poor. I had been thinking of looking elsewhere s,o i am glad to hear your info

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