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  • It all depends on what filter is used. I use B+W SCHNEIDER which allows over 99% of the light through and has essentially zero impact on IQ. The more I clean the filter, the less I have to clean a ...
  • I never said otherwise. What I said is that better gear can help a skilled artist.
  • My $0.02 ... gear can matter a lot in the hands of an experienced photographer. Gear makes little to no difference in the hands of a tyro. Tiger Woods could beat me like a rented mule with a garage ...
  • YES and YES.
  • Well said. I’m not one who believes the customer is always right, in fact they are quite often wrong, but it’s alway the customer’s money. Advise and consent.
  • They will do some correction work, and they do charge for it. Ive used MPIX quite a bit and have never been unhappy with the results. Do all your post processing work and they will return an ...
  • Try MF. AF on macro is fairly useless.
  • The old 18-35 is not a bad lens. It gets bad rep only by comparison. Just because Mickey Mantle wasn’t as good of a player as Willie Mays doesn’t mean the Mick wasn’t pretty ding diddly darned good ...
  • I would try holding the base of the lens body and tallying the ‘bent’ side with something like a screwdriver handle and see if I could slowly tap it back online. I doubt that it will work, but it’s ...
  • 180 2.8 85 1.8 35 1.8 All fast and sharp and light. Three primes that each roughly double as you go up and carryable in two jacket pockets with one on the body. All readily available in used near ...
  • Yep, it’s also what causes ‘THAT NEW CAR SMELL.’
  • It’s called ‘rubber blooming’ and is caused by the outgassing over time of vulcanization products .... mostly sulphuric .... and the easiest and bestest fix I know of is ti use a good brand of ...
  • Replied in Is Ken wrong?
    They came as a set, I don’t believe they could be bought separately.
  • Replied in Is Ken wrong?
    YES, it most assuredly is. Without the filter I place, the focus point changes very slightly. ”Filters are the special 39mm drop-in variety. You get two drop-in brackets with the lens, and if ...
  • Replied in Is Ken wrong?
    I believe it is the holder for filters that fit into the NIKKOR 300 f4 AF-D and perhaps others. It does affect the optics of the lens every slightly, but its absence would make a huge dirt trap.
  • Plus if you are at 800, going to 850 would be negligible ... if you are at 1600 and back down to 1550, even less so. I'm sure it COULD be done, but would probably create more issues than it solves. ...
  • There is a reason eye level viewfinders won out against waist level viewfinders back in the day. I have always been a new adapter of technology, but one thing about many millennials that aggravates ...
  • I find the OVF to be useful when I’m doing any type of handheld or monopod photography. The only time IMHO the only time the screen is useful is on a tripod.
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