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Camediadude: Browsing through the comment threads here proves to be rather amusing .. the gems to be found never disappoint. At the same time, it is also a rather somber (and sobering) experience. This perusal of the un-profound which abounds here helps to makes it easier to see just how far we have travelled to reach the state in which we are currently in, what with our grossly explosive overpopulation, and our shedding of blood over invisible, 'all-powerful' beings in the sky ... not to mention over imaginary dotted lines on the land. The conclusion I have reached here this time around is that feeble-mindedness will never be in short supply, as long as humans continue to walk this Earth.

I agree with just about everything you said, however, I believe you have chosen the wrong forum to express your views. Such said things may not be understood by the "un-profound" or the "feeble-minded." Or maybe they just don't care? But when they do, they spew vitriolic acid in every direction, yes. However, this is a forum for photographic discussion, not one for the commentary about the "all-powerful beings in the sky", or the people who got you riled in the first place. I would say to all: "Tolerance is King." I've said my piece. Peace friend. :)

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Things I like:

6400 ISO
22 mm wide angle lens
Manual focus
1 cm focus range in macro
3" tilting screen!
EVF viewfinder
8 white balance presets
Above average 9.1 m flash range
10 fps continuous drive!
Full 1080p (30 fps) video
Wireless EyeFi and optional remote
Up to 500 shots on NiMh AA batteries (also see negatives)

Things I don't like:

No RAW capture
"Only" zooms to 580 mm
F3.1 wide angle aperture - F2.8 would be nice
1/1500 sec max shutter speed
4 sec min. shutter speed
No external flash mount
Mono microphone
A battery pack might have given it more battery life

These negatives are mostly nit picks, and can be forgiven for the $279 asking price. The 1/1500 sec max shutter speed is inexcusable though, as 1/2000 sec should be bare minimum. On the whole, this camera has a lot to offer: the 22 mm lens, tilting 3" screen, 10 fps drive, and 1080p (30) video are all just about unheard of at this price. As a Pentax, it should have lower noise levels as well. We'll see the test results!

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