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Retired teacher who worked professionally for McGrath Studios in Braintree, MA, and Chestnut Hill Studios in Seekonk, MA. The extent of my experience is fairly broad considering these two studios focused on yearbook, school-based photography. Recently left Chestnut Hill Studios to retire in New Hampshire.


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Just saw this review and I vehemently dislike Apple's Photos. It is clearly NOT for the professional. I have used Aperture for years and it very intuitive and very comprehensive. Furthermore, it supported virtually every plug-in made. I know because I have an extensive array. So, even at this late date, I still use Aperture but have made a substantial transition to Lightroom.

In conclusion, Apple made a grievous mistake for Apple to drop Aperture support!

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Huck1953: Not impressed. After seeing sample pics from a Hasselblad X1D I'm spoiled.

And, Huck, you said after SEEING which means you have no personal experience with it. I own and have owned for some time a Canon EOS 1DX and I wouldn't trade it for anything on the market . . . except the second iteration. Think you can afford a Hasselblad? And was noted, have fun shooting sports with that!

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I own two other DXO Labs programs and they work flawlessly. I purchased the plugin version for Aperture and find it to be not very intuitive. I takes some serious time to adjust to the learning curve and I still find it more of a trial and error approach rather than a scientific approach. Ultimately, I was saving images that claimed to be of unknown format. All of these shortcomings I brought to the attention of DXO Labs and did receive support, albeit it was less than stellar. Within the first week of ownership, I repeatedly requested to refund, but to no avail. This subject was not even addressed by technical support. Since I already own and upgrade two DXO programs, then where is the company loyalty and good faith? As we say in the legal world: caveat emptor or buyer beware. Good luck if you buy it!

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Yes, I, too, have a 24-105 L and it's a genuine workhorse. I use it all the time and get great results. So, why would I go to a 24-70mm f/4L? Well, only if the difference is spectacular and the additional macro feature is not going to do that for me. So, as the others have indicated, the actual images will be important. If one buys this lens through Amazon, the return policy is simply spectacular. Buy the lens, try it out, and if it doesn't meet your expectation, it can EASILY be returned. That may be my course to follow.

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guyindasky: Am trying out the demo version in LR4...keeps crashing. Don't think I'll be paying the upgrade fee for this buggy software.

Examine my experience with Apple's Aperture. You will note that NIK was aware of the problem and has thrust blame on Apple. My questions is quite simple. Why did NIK knowingly release a software plugin that would, without a doubt, cause issues in Aperture?

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guyindasky: Am trying out the demo version in LR4...keeps crashing. Don't think I'll be paying the upgrade fee for this buggy software.

Thank you for contacting Nik Software.  I asked to see if your system information would be helpful to our engineers, but they have said that the issue has been identified as an issue within Aperture itsself, and unfortunately your system information would not help.  What is happening is your system is running out of Graphics Memory, which is causing the scrambled previews in Aperture.  On the Mac system, once video memory is used (for example, for the processing with HDR Efex Pro 2 which uses a large amount of GPU processing and memory) it is not "released" even after you stop using the program, so your system runs out of the GPU memory which is what is used to update the Aperture previews

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Bought this iteration as an upgrade. I own ALL of the NIK plugins and evaluate them to be the best in the market today. However, I do take exception with the new NIK HDR EFEX PRO v2.0.

I am running it with the latest verion of Apple's Aperture on a high end, 3.8 GHz i7, iMac with 16 GB of RAM.

Totally removed the previous iternation of the software including preferences and license data and then installed v2.0. So great choices and a substantial improvement. However, when using the split view, if I select another image and then return to the HDR image, there is significant distortion and just plain junk in the primary screen.

I am not one to throw in the towel readily; it's a problem and I can eliminate extraneous causes. Removed HDR v2.0 and returned to v1.0. Works perfectly with no preview distortion. Removed v1.0 and reinstalled v2.0 with the same results as previously noted. Rebuild of the Aperture Library is a temporary fix.

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