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On photo Who said ceilings are boring? in the alternative dimensions challenge (8 comments in total)

Nicely done.

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tommy leong: something strange about Microsoft lately
Seems like they are doing things with photographers in mind.

Could it be they think they are actually a competitor to Apple ?

That article is deceiving... about 85% of the 'real' computers out there (non-phones,non ipads) are Microsoft. The MS ankle-biters are ferocious in their attempt to paint the opposite picture. Maybe in a few more years, maybe in 10 their wishes might come true, but today MS is still the king of computers by far.

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On photo Redshouldered hawk in jd7816's photo gallery (2 comments in total)


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On article Just deployed: New dpreview.com forums system (699 comments in total)
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A Girard: Is it me since I can no longer see who the author of each post?

Hit the expand button near the top.

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On photo Marketa1_lowres in CeleryBeats's photo gallery (1 comment in total)


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On photo Oh No! in the anxious challenge (8 comments in total)

The light on the fish seems weird, almost photoshopped, but I'm assuming this is real?

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mzillch: Flopping around on your chest, swaying and pivoting left and right constantly while walking, taking misdirected, odd angle photos that are only sharp in bright sunlight but in indoor conditions are most likely blurred? Pass.
[and bypassing the necklace and using the pocket clip on the outside of a shirt will droop and shoot the ground, I bet]

These need to be smaller and mounted to glasses or a helmet;, any other mount will be problematic.

So invent the stabilizers springs to keep the thing still and retire early :) Some kind of gyro-thingy would appeal to many apple customers who seem to have lots of unallocated funds for accessories.

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Vitruvius: I am NOT a legal beagle, and I hate getting harrased in public while taking a picture of a building, BUT ...

I see legal implications written all over this (besides trying to get through customs at the airport).

Google street view had to automate software to go through ALL their images and blurr out faces and license pllates. It is actually funny because even the faces on billboards are blurred out.

What happens when people start posting video blogs or live visual diaries and somebodies wife sees their husband with their X?

You ARE responsible for what you post online and it is almost irretrievable.
The number of people trying to erase their digital past is growing.

For a history of this idea see Steve Mann / cyberman;


And don't be surprised to be assaulted...


The technology is clearly going to outpace and obliterate the existence of restrictive laws.

Just like jet-ski's on lakes... they have no laws or rules that they follow like boats used to have to. Cops pretty much ignore complaints about them now.

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Marty4650: All this wailing and crying for Kodak is embarrassing.

Kodak was a film company (and really to a large extent a chemical company). They actually invented digital photography (that Bayer sensor was invented by a Kodak engineer named "Bayer"), then failed to develop and market it properly. They were too concerned about protecting their film and chemical business, and as a result saw an 84% market share dwindle to 0%.

Apple is just the opposite. No matter what you think about them you have to agree they keep reinventing themselves. This was a computer company that became a mp3 player company that is now a cell phone company. You get the sense that Apple might be around forever if they keep changing and adapting their mission.

Personally, I'm amazed that Kodak lasted this long. They made so many mistakes that surviving for 121 years is pretty impressive.

As far as film, paper and chemicals go... if someone is willing to buy them, then someone will be willing to make them.

Yes, Microsoft had to help keep them afloat... there are those of us old enough to remember when Office would not run on the Mac platform and the Microsoft vise was crushing them due to the proliferation of the PC and Apple's excessively-expensive hardware.

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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)
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dccdp: Er... what's Instagram? ;)

Exactly what I was thinking. Probably one of those apps that pumps out crappy cellphone photos to other people's cellphones automatically creating more digital pollution that will live in perpetuity.

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On article Uploading your avatar (100 comments in total)
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ijak: I will miss the Gravatar connection. … One face to rule them all.

Because it's easier to have a single Gravatar that is used at many websites and if you decide to change your look you don't have to change it in 25 different places.

Web comment systems such as, Disqus, use gravatar and it saves a lot of screwing around at each website.

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On article DPReview is looking for a Mobile Imaging Editor (35 comments in total)

Will this person be able to get people to stop sending me cheesy, blurry cellphone images?

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Matthew W: Flickr.

Flickr +1

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On article Ricoh reshuffle sees Pentax take control of cameras (145 comments in total)
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DioCanon: the Wedding Ricoh Pentax promises a lot of bizarre cameras to come !!!

Hehehe. Most other camera brands think that bizzare was already part of Ricoh.

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On article Olympus raided over accounting scandal (70 comments in total)
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Tim F 101: Sad to say, this is one reason why I bought a GH2 over the EP3. I love my E-P1 but I have no idea what kind of warranty or repair support I can expect a year from now. I hope like heck that Oly makes it through this (and with different management), because their optical division truly does make excellent and innovative products.

Thus begins the death spiral...

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Mtsuoka: apart from those consumer POS would Casio produce something that is actually good?

They make some surprising decent digital pianos, too. Not all, but a few models.

Link | Posted on Nov 16, 2011 at 22:37 UTC
On article Richard Franiec offers accessory grip for Canon S100 (28 comments in total)
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Tom Bird: do you write about every single accessory available on the worldwide market for $29,-?
is this the only grip available for any compact and did you present all other grips for all other compacts as well?
so, it's obviously PR for a good friend.

It's called capitalism. That is why there are so many great products out there.

Everyone is free to make products, start companies, and help their friends out if they choose.

Link | Posted on Nov 16, 2011 at 02:00 UTC

Maybe Kodak will buy them ;)

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V review (72 comments in total)
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gl2k: The term "compact-cam" really makes me laugh. These cams are almost as big as the entry level DSLRs from Canon & Nikon. Even their price is similar.
The only difference is their image quality ...
For the same price I can buy a NEX-3 which is far superior.

Uh, no you can't. Not with that lens range.

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OnTheWeb: ACLU? American criminal liberal unit?

In any event, I'm looking forward to all the tall tales waiting to be unleashed in this thread.

Someone explain to me how the residents of the State of Oklahoma passed a constitutional amendment to prevent Sharia law (ie. non-USA law) from being imposed, with over 70% of the Oklahoma voters agreeing (also known as a tidal wave mandate), and then the ACLU was able to get a judge to bar the law? 20 other States are in the process of passing similar blockades against Sharia, which is not just a religion but also a set of laws in conflict with those of the United States.

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