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  • I googled it, but didnt find anything. I am selling a flat, and I want to put it on the web. My photos look somehow poor, flat. I looked at ads  of  some real  estate agents, their photos are more ...
  • Created question thread Battery for M50
    Hello what kind of battery is recommended for the M50 for optimal performance?? I want to buy a spare one but the original Canon is expensive - and doesnt last long. Are the alternatives reliable? ...
  • Thanx so much, I am even ashamed I asked!!
  • Created question thread Lens 15-45mm Canon
    Hello again, I bought a Canon M50 with the 18-150mm lens and, as I found the smaller and lighter 15-45mm new with just Eur69, so I bought that one as well. My question is:  the cylinder of the lens ...
  • Replied in Moon again
    Thank you for your answer. You say that the foreground needs to be within the DoF. Well I wonder how it can;t be. Sorry for my ignorance, but when shooting to infinity -moon- DoF is large, right?
  • Created question thread Moon again
    Hello, here I am back to the fullmoon subject. Theory says to get the moon surface you need a high speed and a low ISO. Well if I have that with manual setting,  it's impossible to catch even ...
  • Created question thread Manual Focus with Canon M50
    Trying to learn my nee M50, i am mit Sure i understand how to focus manually. Not for videos, just for photo. I dont find any related video. The manuals instructions are not clear or i am not ...
  • I am a bit confused. Seems that a telephoto lens can produce better blur. But in portraits, where background blur is almost indispensable, the lenses used are 20-50mm not telephotos. And their ...
  • Meaning, better with 150mm and f4, than 35mm and f7.1?
  • Created question thread Bokeh with canon 18-150mm
    Hello, and thanx everyone for responding so quickly to all my -absolute begginers- questions. Another one: I finally bought the Canon M50 wth the 18-150mm lens and I wonder if I can have this ...
  • Created question thread Free editing
    Hello, is there any free image editor that has similar results as photoshop or lightroom? For example, can I combine two photos with a free app? Which one? And is there any good online tutorial?
  • Replied in Supermoon
    so, pics like this -> or are heavily edited?  Because the background is too dark for that kind of ...
  • Created question thread Supermoon
    Waiting for my new camera -Canon M50 with 18-150mm lens, I tried to get some pictures of yesterday's full moon with my smartphone that has a pro mode, allowing me to take pics with manual settings. ...
  • Created question thread Used lenses
    I see many of you buy used lenses and i suppose ypu have a good reason to do so. My question is, where do you buy them from? Online, ebay, amazon etc? is it safe? Any other trustworthy site ...
  • Μainly landscapes and portraits., travel and architecture. Lately I want to try moon shooting, that is impossible with my current mobile or old DSLR without zoom lens.
  • Created question thread Lenses for Canon M50
    After some research, I think I will finally get the M50. Not the Mark II as there is a 150euros difference for features I am not really interested in. M50 comes either with the 15-45  or with the ...
  • Replied in Good choice
    Thanx a lot Marty for your help. Just one more question. I definately will need a zoom lens too, maybe the 18-150. Sizewise, it is not the best idea to get just the body of M50 and instead of the ...
  • After reading reviews, videos etc I think I will go for a CanonM50. Hope made right choice.
  • Since you owned the fujifilm x-a5 and i found it at a very good price (400euros), would you recommend it over the x-a7 that costs about 300€ more? My budget is no more than 700euros and i am ...
  • I am not an expert at all, but x-a7 vs x-a5 is 700 vs 400euros. I need a good reason to prefer the first, ie significantly better pictures. I doubt there is a noticeable difference, am I right?
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