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Mike FL: These are what I wanted, but for said to be released a7000 with IBIS + weather sealed body; Weather sealed Zeiss 24-70 and 16-35mm equivalent which should be priced lower and much smaller than these two full-frame A-mount lenses, I think.

SONY is getting better day by day.

dream on.... sony f4 zooms show clerarly that your wisheswill remain wishes. but you can count on low redge sharpnes, key characteristics of every sony normal zoom for e mount - aps-c or FF.

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naththo: Sony sensor is now nailed in the coffin! Can't believed it! Samsung trump over Sony by miles!

@Mike FL - you seem to be very insecure trolling about Samsung without any specific reason. What keeps you here? You keep repeating your agenda without new information over and over again. Is this your day job? You don't have Samsung and have no intersted in it- we got it from the first 10 identical comments, in every single one you hinted on Saony beating everyone. Dream your dream, just stop your spam.

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nandbytes: dxo does a review on NX1, its IQ doesn't seem much better than any other APS-C like A6000, D7200 etc -

The only APS-C that impressed me was the D7200 with its impressive dynamic range -
The SNR is roughly the same between A6000, D7200 and NX1 but D7200 is way ahead in dynamic range (seems to be only second to the D810).

Somehow this is not confirmed by dpreview comparison tool:

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thx1138: "Our lab tests confirm that the Sony a7 II does between 1 and 2-stops poorer than the Nikon D750"

Totally ridiculous Nikon can blow Sony away for noise from basically an identical sensor, and has always been the case. Given the much increased weight of the A7 II, the p!ss poor controls, average AF, the D750 is hands down a much better camera other than lacking IBIS, but Nikon has so many VR lenses who cares unless you have a lot of legacy glass. Only thing about the Sony that's much better, the amazingly versatile mount allowing almost any glass to mounted. Nikons mount is way past it's useless use by date.

Pixelpushing is a troll, posst all kinds of rubish comments and accusations.

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johnbatten: I use a D810 professionally but find that - apart from the dreadful shutter noise - the a7ii + 24-70/4 is the perfect carry-around.

It is roughly half the weight of my equivalent Nikon combo and hangs round my neck all day without discomfort. The RAW files are not good enough, for sure, but in terms of getting the shot (i.e. camera always at the ready) it delivers excellent results. The JPEGs are excellent.

At lot of the criticisms in these reviews focus on things of marginal importance, just as motoring reviews salivate over a car that will do 140mph despite a 70mph speed limit. It's the same with cameras. Complaining about noise at ISO 25,600 as compared with what some other manufacturer's camera can do is strictly for the birds - and about as irrelevant as could be. Who needs 140mph?

As ever it's horses for courses. For most of us the a7ii will be as good as an always-with-you camera gets - and as good as it needs to be. So come on Sony, fix that shutter please!

@kencameron1949 - experience of using camera, camer design and othe Steve Jobs Apple style stuff is subjective marekting talk. Different people different perception. Good material for blog. But review should describe measureable characteristics - ISO, AF< DR, build quality etc. and can add some impressions as long as they are labelled impressions.

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naththo: Still struggle to catch up with Nikon again. Nikon still ahead of it!

@Mike99999 - only when you're color (noise) blind.

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koolbreez: With this increased body size, why not a single mention of the "No Flash" issue, especially in the conclussions, as it is a big negative factor? Smaller,lighter models have flashes, why not this one, and why no talk at all about this issue?

@lofote - leica seems to be smaller to me and it has as large sensor.

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Lucas_: The A7Ii is such a wonderful and groundbreaking camera, that DPR had to dig out something like "high ISO noise" to not give it another gold to Sony...! Since I bought it my excellent A99 startedto see a lot of som shelf time. I believe DPR is also mistaken when saying that the sensor is the same as in the A7. This review seems to have been done in a hurry and under a lot of pressure from canikon, etc... Nevertheless, most everybody knows now that Sony sensors are by far the best out there. I feel positive now that the "new" 50MP Canons will get the gold...!

Yes, they dig out something so obvious as APS-C-like high ISO noise or underperforming AF.

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Toccata47: Hmm, same imaging pipeline as the A7 yet a lower score for image quality? Oddly again, a lower score for video. I suppose the categorization makes scoring complex but I think an a72 with ibis would be head and shoulders above an a7 without a rig.

It's hard not to feel an bias toward nikon here, particularly as canon cameras are left out of the drop down menu now (6d?), though it's probably a knee jerk reaction to seeing the disparity between sony and nikon cameras using the same or similar sensors. Is there definitive proof the 750 uses a different sensor?

The scoring is in relation to market offering at a time of the review. I'm surprised with your surprise.

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Mike FL: Samsung seems getting cheaper...

You have posted ca. 15 comments here, 6 about NEX_7 promotion and all how sony is great. I wonder if you have anything to say about the aricle or camera, or you're here solely to praise sony.

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On a photo in the Samsung NX500 Sample Gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

how much shadow recovery was applied?

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how much shadow recovery was applied?

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Renzokuken: I'm from Asia and i live in Asia.

The DP team said they "garnered some surprisingly open admissions"

but if you really take time and read what he said, it's basically all sarcasm and arrogance.

"If another company made a sensor that we believed to be truly the best quality, we would not hesitate to use it."

He's implying that Canon sensors are superior in every way and no one can compete with them. Did the DP team really failed to pick up his sarcasm while interviewing him?

I'm not from Asia and still doen't see how you came to your conslusion. What he sauid is that they don't see other sensors at great advantage. their're not trully best i.e. very superior. They might slightly better here or there, but not smashing. You can be from Asia or not, but interview is in English and it would help to read the sentences instead of read between lines and put words into someones mounth that he did not say.

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On photo Ski lift in the backgrouond in the Last Position challenge (3 comments in total)
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Larry de March: I had an entry in that challenge and in going through the images to vote I figured last was the correct placement for your picture

@tbelal - based on challenge results he is not alone in his opinion. I agree as well. While the picture is not specially bad, the 'technology' aspect in it is invisible.

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On photo Towards Mt Buffalo 2 in the Last Position challenge (5 comments in total)

not bad at all

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On photo Bird of Glass in the sunset. in the Last Position challenge (8 comments in total)

So this is last of the worsts.

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Frank_BR: Nikon words: "While not recommended for general photography, the D810A is ..."

At a time when DSLR sales are falling rapidly, perhaps Nikon should focus on cameras for general photography, and not on special solutions for a small niche market.

@Frank_BR - can you point to these significant cost in this case?

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mpgxsvcd: I have been saying it for years that Olympus’s live time and Panasonic’s constant preview functions make them ideal for Astro Photography. Now that Nikon slapped the “Astrophotography” label on a camera everyone is also singing the praises of those functions.

I have no doubt this new Nikon Astro camera will be great. However, let me propose some reasons why something like a modified Olympus E-PL5 is a better choice.

1. The E-PL5 has the excellent Sony sensor for outstanding long exposure high ISO photos.
2. The crop sensor is actually better than full frame because full frame requires a much bigger and more expensive scope to cover the full frame.
3. It has the articulated LCD.
4. Cost – A modified E-PL5(Less than $400 fully modified) is about 1/10 the cost of the 810a and a modified camera is even more sensitive to Ha than this astronomy geared Nikon.

I am not saying this camera is not a good choice. However, there are much less expensive options that can achieve the same results.

Whio cares about constant preview? it's lnot like you cannot repeat night shot because starts will fall. Once you know optimal exposure you can shot as long as you want.
Claiming that mFT is better for atro than FF is just beyond ridiculous.

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Ignat Solovey: Someone decided to beat Sigma by four degrees of diagonal field of view eleven years after original 12-24 came out. Several times more expensive and probably better... Until there is 12-24 Art out there... Somewhere... Sometime...
I guess there is no other UWA lens to perform as expected on 5DsR, and 126 degree FOV on 51 Mp is yummy-yummy for interiors (less so for landscapes, we need to be careful about viewers brains), but for everyone else, who need JUST wide angle... Nope. Or Sigma.

can you translate?

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Mike FL: The M3 is "gun shy" to see incoming SONY a7000, even the current SONY $600 a6000 will kill the M3.

If EVF is not a concern, $450 Fuji A1 or SONY a5100 will beat this M3


all these cameras will get killed by Samsung NX500 so why to bother mentioning them?

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