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  • Meaning what? The text above in yellow indicates that the expert and the user are in agreement.
  • You are right! Here is their press release from last September mentioning V7;

  • Specifically which NEC Spectraviews have you owned that are "crap" and why?

  • Nope, Xrite.
  • Seiko Epson yes.
  • That is the only "vendor" profile. Are you on a Mac and can you access and open the profiles in the Colorsync utility? If so, the copyright tag tells all; Xrite or Seiko?
  • You don't really need profiles for ABW. Especially if can use the Epson Print Layout product (free) which at least allows you to see the settings applied on your own image, unlike the ' native ' ...
  • One group of Epson canned profiles (with V in the name) are pretty darn good. Built using X-rite software, it has a very good color engine. These profiles are NOT easy to find but examine the name ...
  • OK ready for a new juncture: a color number not necessarily a color. Take G255/R0/B0 in Prophoto RGB. No matter the encoding it is not a color. Humans cannot see it. And depending on the color ...
  • It's the percentage of Lab gamut volumes versus encoding efficiency that's key. And recognizing that if there was one perfect RGB working space, we would all be using it.
  • Not sure I can assist in terms of a joint <g> but a useful data point is looking at gamut volumes and gamut efficiency of various working spaces and the notes, found here: http://www.brucelindbloom ...
  • Well said.
  • Yes a bit depending on the model. Excellent attitude. Just be careful whom you listen to, at least one fellow here has a huge history of misunderstandings on the subject as multiple others have ...
  • As many others have correctly stated here for years, your terminology and understanding is wrong. Anonymous perhaps but so many, so often correcting your misunderstandings still stand. I do not ...
  • Ask Michael as his premise stands or falls on " knowing" scene gamut, WITHOUT measurements, by presumably guessing. Ask, as many here have asked him over the years, without specific steps, how it ...
  • Should? You don't seem too sure. No that's not a useful question without defining the specific edit.
  • See the example and the text here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/59559609 Those saturated colors become less saturated (clipped). That's subjective. If you don't capture them in the first ...
  • And since it's impossible to know at capture, capture a wider gamut. Simple. Shown very clearly here is such an example: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/59559609 There is no final sRGB ...
  • Don't forget all those iPhones and iPads (and other mobile devices) with wide gamut displays. The millions of iPhones alone, since about version 6 that use a color space just slightly wider than ...
  • The point made was the correct correction to the text in blue from charles2 "there is no issue" and there absolutely is: less DR and more noise in the raw when under exposed as it would be for a JPEG.
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