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  • With a clean (good) capture, good capture and output sharpening, you should have no issues sending as little as 180/200 pixels per inch of image data to a decent, modern ink jet OR resize to the ...
  • Expect (for good reason?) here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/60391391 Did you actually use someone else's image here without permission? More of the same throughout. And here: https://www.d ...
  • They don't know. You don't under expose white to be gray. The card is white (off white for some). It isn't gray. You can leave the lens cap on and make a capture, and the black frame has no ...
  • You can easily WB on white that is close but not completely clipped. Here's RGB100 and the warning: Here's a white balance tool who's measured white is Lstar 99! And NO such warning because it's ...
  • Replied in PSD vs TIF
    I've already stated one of the non Adobe raw converters I use a day ago....
  • Replied in PSD vs TIF
    It seems you haven't read my post well. ;-) It seems you haven't read my post well. I told you I use a specified non Adobe RAW converters. WITHOUT any issues. Again, if and when you can specifically ...
  • Replied in PSD vs TIF
    Lack of specifics equals (OK how about highly suggests) FUD. I suppose one's man 'vital setting' is for some, an absolutely useless setting. Be easy to evaluate this if specifics of what's vital ...
  • Yet how, digitally is something you can't answer. A fact can be defined, described and verified, hence your statement is as yet not factual.
  • Depending on the image, absolutely! You can test this yourself. You've shown them both? Considering one can see a difference as outlined below, and assuming you know how to use color management for ...
  • Replied in PSD vs TIF
    Not if it's not a concern. Do you again understand what proprietary data is, do you know DNG supports private tags? That is proprietary data! It can also be embedded in the DNG! Got proof? I'm also ...
  • Replied in PSD vs TIF
    If the information isn't useful, it's moot. Me too. But if you're going to link to an outside reference and then someone asks what's the point, what's the issue and you can't answer that, the ...
  • Replied in PSD vs TIF
    Seems a bit of FUD but I'm willing to learn what the problem is: DNG is not an open standard in that it does not document all the essential information contained in current RAW format files like ...
  • Try restoring using TM. Give it a try!
  • Replied in PSD vs TIF
    What rights? Any differently than TIFF?
  • Replied in PSD vs TIF
    DNG is under ISO consideration which takes a very, very long time.
  • Hold down these keys while rebooting, may help (zapping Vram) until the machine attempts to boot until you hear the startup tone: Command-Option-P-R keys
  • Replied in PSD vs TIF
    Technically RAWs are TIFFs. The point is they like PSDs and PSBs are proprietary and the later two Adobes.
  • As already shown, printers are not limited to sRGB. People can limit their files to sRGB before sending that data to printer. That's totally different. You will only know if you are as happy ...
  • I agree. There is no sRGB printers as already illustrated. No. But ProPhoto RGB is even more appropriate for RAW workflows because it's color gamut is even larger. Many modern printers can exceed ...
  • Heyltsjole!

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