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what was your best Time Travel movie/TV series? Off Topic Aug 15, 2014
why has evolution stopped at human? part 2: now with more science. Off Topic Aug 14, 2014
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Challenge to climate 'skeptics'. Off Topic Aug 13, 2014
Superstition, Science, and the Open Mind... Off Topic Aug 12, 2014
When it is war, you don't count the civilian deaths... Off Topic Aug 11, 2014
They're coming Off Topic Aug 11, 2014
USA is number 1 Off Topic Aug 11, 2014
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Massive 'ocean' discovered towards Earth's core Off Topic Aug 8, 2014
Riddle me: Why Evolution stopped at human? Off Topic Aug 6, 2014
"Creationism is not the alternative to Evolution - Ignorance is" Off Topic Jul 31, 2014
Can someone answer this? Off Topic Jul 31, 2014
Why Obama will not be impeached. Off Topic Jul 30, 2014
Does Apple slow phones before release of new model? Off Topic Jul 30, 2014
Leading Republican Says Gays Want Child Rape Off Topic Jul 29, 2014
Scientists discover that atheists might not exist Off Topic Jul 27, 2014
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Australian Incest -Comming Soon Off Topic Jul 17, 2014
Everyone is a legitimate target in Gaza Off Topic Jul 16, 2014
Fact: Conservative Women are Happier Off Topic Jul 14, 2014
5 year old kills his 2 year old sister with a .22-caliber rifle, Off Topic Jul 4, 2014
"Poll: Obama worst president since WWII" Off Topic Jul 3, 2014
Canadian fools Off Topic Jul 2, 2014
Global Warming?!!!!!! HA!!!! Off Topic Jun 30, 2014
Fact is the Earth has been cooling since 30's... Off Topic Jun 27, 2014
Lois Lerner's missing emails Off Topic Jun 25, 2014
Proof of settled science Off Topic Jun 21, 2014
DOF & bokeh - micro43 vs FF - Alien Skin plugin in firmware Micro Four Thirds Talk Jun 18, 2014
Iran will help USA to fight the Sunni insurgents Off Topic Jun 14, 2014
The silence of the Crickets Off Topic Jun 14, 2014
Let's say the whole world agrees on man made global warming... Off Topic Jun 12, 2014
AGW Proponents: EDUCATE YOURSELF Off Topic Jun 10, 2014
are you in favor to bomb china, apply economic sanctions... Off Topic Jun 9, 2014
Creationist telescope finds nearly 6000 year old galaxy. Off Topic Jun 6, 2014
Undeniable Proof, 9-11 was a nuclear event Off Topic Jun 5, 2014
Obama rescued a RAT Off Topic Jun 5, 2014
Apple Corp. on the virge of releasing a brand new product? Off Topic Jun 3, 2014
Why was the evidence destroyed? Off Topic Jun 2, 2014
GF1 to OMD: keep Pana lenses? Micro Four Thirds Talk May 24, 2014
SMOKING GUN: Emails: White House tried to shape Benghazi story Off Topic May 16, 2014