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  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Thanks Don, it is just so interesting to read these comments.  It is probably a good thing that I cannot have everything that tickles my fancy or I would be overwhelmed with stuff and too many ...
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Thanks Phocal, appreciate the input.  Also, I looked at your galleries, very nice!  Learned a lot looking through the various galleries, both lens specific and your gear photos.  Seeing all of the ...
  • Replied in Another one
    Thanks Glassaholic, I will keep an eye on that one. Jay
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Wow, thanks Matt for sending this on.  Of course, I picked today to go on an extended hike. Saw your post about dinner time - item no longer listed.  :-( Appreciate your remembering, Jay
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Thanks Goblin,  appreciate the additional input.  I am not so concerned with low light conditions or action.  The one case where I am interested in using the 150 that might qualify as "action" is ...
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Anguish, man you got that right. Hear you on that, it is so hard to leave one the babies at home. Jay
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Thank you, that helps me to understand your earlier comment.  :-) Jay
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Thanks, that is a tremendous help. Confirms my thoughts and reasoning for possibly buying the lens. I was thrown off track by the comment - "glassoholic wrote: This lens is gorgeous but not for ...
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Is the rendering / bokeh of the 40-150 pro comparable to the 150 f2? I do not own the 40-150 pro.  The initial appeal of the 150 is a percieved, on my part, mystique as to it's rendering / bokeh.  ...
  • Replied in Thank you all...
    Appreciate all of the information.  Now I just need to decide if I would committ at a certain price.  So many choices and elements  to consider. Jay
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    I have never seen the photoprice site you linked to - much appreciated. Jay
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Thanks Goblin for the detailed response.  Really appreciate it. Jay
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Thanks Peter, As I replied to others, what was the original price?  I don't know if the lens offered has packaging or soft bag - does have a B&W UV filter. Jay
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    This is part of what is confusing, to me at least, the 150 is now advertised at $2,999 new.  I asked below - what was the original price of this lens? Thanks, Jay
  • Replied in 150 mm f2
    Hi Peter, Just curious, what is the original price history of the 150?  Seems to mostly be at $2,999 for new. Jay
  • Created question thread 150 mm f2
    I have located a 150 mm f2 from a private party for $1,800.  It is reportedly in good condition (haven't had any extensive conversation about usage or any blemishes). I saw a used 150 at BH not too ...
  • Have you seen Peak Design Capture?  If I read your question correctly it should do what you want.  If your mini tripod is a screw in type then the plate for the capture would not be convenient.  ...
  • I see that you have PS.  So perhaps LR, as well? For Photoshop check out this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj2LVZYLaZI  I just came across it the other day and it fit my elementary skills ...
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    5 up5 up layout
  • Bob, thanks for the information, very much appreciate it.  Will go check the firmware to see if auto update was enabled in the last install.  At this point would most likely wait until fall before ...
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