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  • Thank you very much! Yes, stacked pictures.
  • Created discussion thread My oldies of the moon ..... Part 1
    Here are 2 images of the moon taken while ago, testing my new filter, i really can't remember i posted here before those ones, so i will try to post more whenever i can
  • Replied in What's this?
    How much light polluted it is there in your backyard? I feel that i can't get any galaxy from my yard including this M31, but i keep saying so many people getting this galaxy even with normal lens ...
  • Extremely dark sky said everything, that will do a lot even better than my light pollution sky using $50K gear if possible, so i can't comment more.
  • Replied in Moonscape
    Thank you very much Equipment details: Skywatcher Skymax 180mm Maksutov ZWO ASI385MC Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 Astronomik IR 742nm Sharpcap > Autostakkert 3 > Registax 6 > Photoshop CC I don't remember how ...
  • Just a question for curiosity, why not buying a dedicated astro camera? preferably a cooled one, and if budget allow then also a mono one and filters, i have very low budget and not lucky but a ...
  • Replied in Moonscape
    Because i do photography before, and from many regions or craters on the moon i feel this has a special or artistic composition, so you see craters and you see flat surface too, and that crater ...
  • Created discussion thread Moonscape
    Still enjoying the filter, and processing more from that night, this is my favorite region of the moon, i will keep learning until i have enough images of the moon.
  • Replied in Moon in color
    Thank you! I really don't know about colors, but i hear or read everywhere that those colors represents the minerals or elements on the moon, could be right or wrong not sure, and i also not sure ...
  • Yea, i really completely forgot that with this IR filter i don't have any color, but the clarity and sharpness is insane, someone just recently also or say today morning told me he will go with ...
  • Replied in Moon in color
    I am using it with an astro planetary camera, i still use the color one and the mono i just keep for future once i have colors filters. Tareq
  • Replied in Moon in color
    Ah ok, yes, i was shooting the moon without filters or say wrong filter, but i ordered one, tested it yesterday and it was really making a difference, i saw that by myself. It is Astronomik ...
  • Replied in Moon in color
    I didn't use any filter for those moon shots in color.
  • Created discussion thread Moon again with new filter 03Sept2018
    Was testing my new filter i ordered, what a big difference or improvement it does, i was a stupid before without filters then :lol::lol::lol:
  • Replied in Moon in color
    Thanks! Stack of many, but i was like a blind or an idiot because i should use a filter, i ordered one and just tested it yesterday/today night and WOW, it was a big difference, so i will try to ...
  • Eevn the test didn't include finest best Canon bodies such as 1 series and 5D series and 6D and also 7D MarkII, also Fuji and Pentax and whatever, so we can't give a whole final conclusion either, ...
  • Created discussion thread Moon in color
    Here are 2 images of the moon in colors, i don't know how they do it at all as i am not good at processing at all with any software, i know all the software name and i have them, just i don't know ...
  • And that is why when using Canon for general photography many said it gives kind of warmer tone over Nikon/Sony, so this is why from the test, and that is why when i look at landscapes images from ...
  • Yes, it will be an APO scope, and guiding is already done, have 2 scopes for guiding so i can choose whatever between them, hope it will work fine for me once i solve another issues.
  • I prefer to work with scopes so it will make life easier, adding guiding, autofocusing, and whatever, so i hope it will get easier for me, then this galaxy is on my radar no doubt, for now i will ...
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