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Bruce deGraaf: For those worried about battery life, you can always buy an external USB battery pack for less than the price of a total proprietary camera battery, $10 to $40 depending on capacity. Plenty of power for a full day shoot.

Hadn't thought about it... certainly a reasonable solution to what might be a non-problem anyway.

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I can't help but wondering if I would buy it without a swappable battery. If I'm heading out into a national park with nothing but a cell phone for a camera, I definitely want to be able to swap a second battery into place.

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Recurring revenue is obviously to Adobe's financial advantage. Rather than wait for us to upgrade, they get continuous cash from us.
Forget it. I really don't want more subscriptions. I'm going to keep my CS5 forever. $600 a year for rental privileges? After 2-3 years, Adobe's getting much more out of me than I would choose to give via upgrades. Hello again Corel and Quark, it's been a while.

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Saleen1999: The problem with a 41mp camera is there is no cell phone company that is capable of allowing anyone to send such a high mp picture through picture mail. The phone would crash or it would take all night for it to go through. I have a huge problem trying to send an 8mp picture with my phone. If they keep this up, our cell phone bills will go up so high we won't be able to afford them because it takes a lot of bandwidth to send picture mail and the cell companies just don't have enough air space to accomplish this and if they buy more then guess who pays for it in the end? We the consumers do and I don't want to pay a penny more.

Aside from this, what are cell phone companies trying to accomplish in the long run by creating better camera phones??? Do they hope to accomplish beating out the compact cameras someday? I can't see that happening.

Symbian is a phone operating system that makes for very effective use in phones. It does everything I need a phone to do (including tethering, Office apps, e-mail, browsing, music, recording, note-taking, long battery life and occasional calls). This new camera feature is very compelling, and Nokia Belle is clearly sweet.
As so many people have said: the best camera is the one you have with you. With this 808 PureView, that's likely to now be *all the time*.

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On photo Ligth in Vulcan Osorno in the The Continents: South America challenge (8 comments in total)

What an absolutely superior photograph! Completely amazing composition, with a slightly unreal color treatment that really work well in a larger view.

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On photo Vic Peak in the Winter challenge (2 comments in total)

The excellence of every aspect of this picture just grabs you! Nice.

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