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    I like the placement of the woman behind the main subject; think it would work better without the woman with a bag over her shoulder:
  • You can turn use of iCloud on/off for individual applications. You could just have it on for documents, but off for photos. Or you could use it to sync Safari and contacts but not mail or ...
  • Seems to me, you don't really want anyone to help you and you don't want to help yourself. Just use vi.
  • In the file menu, hold down <alt> key and you get a 'save as' option.
  • You can. In the 'save as' dialogue box there's a check-box to 'keep changes in original document'. Deselect that.
  • vi, or emacs Although TextEdit can do plain text - just check the options. If you press <alt> with the file menu open, you get 'save as'. What do you mean by this?
  • In the settings app, select General->About. Version (10.3.3 in your case) is the version of IOS. This is the last version 10 release before the new version 11 just out. You want the model number ...
  • Get the Fing app for your phone/tablet - might help find the culprit. Or get it for your Mac . Check the console on your wireless router (assuming you have one). Make sure your network has proper ...
  • Apple are moving away from HDs to SSDs; the new iMac Pro only has SSD storage options, as do all the laptops and the current Mac Pro. Only the Mini and the standard iMacs have an HDD option, and ...
  • Even better is a RAID 1+0. Explanation here .
  • USB 2 is all you want. If you want to stay with Apple, there's the SuperDrive, otherwise just check out Amazon
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    Time Machine will back up both your internal storage and an external disk to another external disk.
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    As I understand the difference, apart from the faster clock speed, which probably won't do much for you in practice, the i7 has hyperthreading, so can manage 8 threads against the i5's 4 threads. ...
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    Yes, and 5k on a screen that size might be too much of a good thing. I've not seen anything, and the latest flash memory in Macs is very fast. Not at all - the speed is what it's all about (though ...
  • If you sync your phone to your Mac, it could happen then - check the options you have selected. If your have iCloud photo library enabled, that could copy them to the photo library on your Mac.
  • I always assumed that option only applied to internal disks. You could set up a shell script that, when you're logged in, accesses the disk every n seconds, where n < the disk's sleep timeout . Som ...
  • In the Windows world, the main idea was to make reinstalling the OS less of a pain. In the Unix world, you'd usually do it if the partitions were on separate devices, i.e. for performance reasons. ...
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    You make a lot of DPR being free, while ignoring the fact that it depends on free content from your readers. While I can understand your argument (don't agree, but that's another thing), the way ...
  • I don't dispute that a RAID 0 will be faster. Striping to two disks, about twice as fast for continuous read/write sounds about right. That said, data transfer rates are not the only measure of ...
  • I think you will probably be happy with a single, large fast disk. I would not bother with a RAID unless it was at least four disks, but then for your application, I wouldn't bother with a RAID at ...
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