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mxx: Hmm, Fujifilm discontinues films and Kodak adds films...

Good point, but the reason I think is, the Kodak Alaris which is operating the film production is a relatively small company and should be able to handle small volumes. Besides, the motion picture industry still strongly relies on Vision3 films.
The sad story with ACROS100 is Fujifilm is a strong and healthy company and would keep the patents and guard the know-how even not producing it..

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NickyB66: Stupid price to pay for a smartphone IMOH. Especially when one considers how short a life they have before the next version comes out...

Suppose you keep it for 2yrs. Cellular service $80/month = $1,920 for 2 years.
Then the total you spend is $2,920
If you get a "cheap" one for $650, your are still paying $2,570 over two years. Is that not a stupid price compared to $2,920?
What about, getting one for free? It is still only about 30% offset, as you still have to pay for service..

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matthew saville: When will we see the opposite trend from these passing fad, cat/flower/baby/model lenses?

I want a super-sharp, ultra-wide lens with a 5-blade, un-rounded aperture which creates gorgeous sunstars. Bokeh be damned.

Rounded blades are no problem, provided at about aperture 5.6 they start to form edges, but for that the manufacturer need create variable shape blades and and perhaps variable motion. I believe Leica has this on some of the lenses, where at small apertures 8 and beyond, the opening takes a star-like shape.
Besides, bokeh does depend on optical design of the lens, sure more rounded blades help at some subject/background combinations, but do no define the quality of bokeh in general, example is the early, sonnar type Nikkor 105/2.5, having gorgeous bokeh even with 6 straight blades...

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DPreview, "dual stabilized" implies each camera has two simultaneous means of stabilizing the image, e.g. optical and with sensor shift, which I haven't heard of for the iphones. Clear title is important to avoid ambiguity, "all stabilized" would have been the better choice imho.

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DP Review, you don't use 'close-up' for astro photography - it is awkward. No matter what level of magnification you do apply, you are still the same distance from the celestial object. Contrary to NASA/ESA fly-by probes taking pictures, or micro/macro photography where indeed you get closer to the object before taking the snapshot.

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virtualreality: It's about time to upgrade the kitlens. 14mm (28mm equiv) is not wide enough, most companies offer 16mm (24mm equiv) lenses now. Also aperture size is small (3.5-5.6) considering the small image size. Olympus offers 14/3.5 where other manufacturers offer 18/3.5.

"Aperture is not the same, 18/14= 29% more light on aps-c lenses."

The above statement is completely wrong. Aperture is a ratio (lens' focal length divided by lens' diameter) i.e. if you have 1000mm lens with aperture 3.5 and 10mm lens with the same aperture 3.5, they will give the same light per unit area. It is another story when photographing starts, where stars are practically poiint of light and their size on the image plane is defined by diffraction (the Airy disk.) But we are talking regular photography here.

Dividing two focal lengths doesn't give you any estimate of the relative brightness of the images, for that you need the aperture, so, if both lenses have the same aperture, regardless of their focal length they (ideally) will give the same brightness.

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Polybazze: I prefer the yellow one - the second perhaps is technically better but it looks just like what everybody else is doing.

I second that -- and "the colors are vibrant" on the first one. To my taste the second one looks very dull.

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Old Cameras: Waiting for someone to introduce a new film camera. People are living off the millions of used cameras in need of a home. It would just be an interesting sign to see a new camera introduced.

Fujifilm just recently introduced 6x7 and 6x9 MF folders. Coated optics, metering, pocketable. So you still have plenty of choices.

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beavertown: Yawn zZZ, still no fully articulate screen and DPAF from Nikon 2017 (100 anniversary).

"Fully articulated" screens come from the video cameras of the past(and present,) when they were long and needed the LCD on the side.. so that videographer and camera point in one direction. On a Semi/Pro SLR camera this is not practical and looks odd. How do you benefit of looking sideways, or, having the camera shifted to the side in order you to look/point forward?? Tilted up/down screen is much much more practical for a DSLR..

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geekyrocketguy: Why are we now posting two-second videos that have been looped for two minutes straight? Surely there are more interesting things occurring in the photography world?

Because that's the level of mentality and values DPreview plunged down to. Given the kind of sample photos they publish, the sort of photos they shoot in public houses and elsewhere, I don't think they put too much effort or craft-man-ship in what they are doing. It is just a party going under Amazon's umbrella.

That said, you hardly can find better website with overall such comprehensive information. Plus, they have very good articles as well..

There you have it. Not all is bad. So, lets give them a big applause for what they have and haven't published yet, and forgive them for those 2s of looping. BTW, the video is very boring indeed..

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I Hope it will no be in iPhone 7. My Nikon 1, V2 had OmniVision 1" sensor and it had awful chroma noise. Nikon replaced the sensor with Sony in J5 but too late..

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sdhiker: Does anyone have any idea on how to cut down the vignetting I'm getting when using a Nikon 400mm f/2.8 on my Sony A7M2?

I borrowed this lens from a client hoping to get some great pictures using an adapter with my Sony A7M2, but its extremely hard to get rid of this vignetting even in post processing.

Attached with a Metabones Nikon F to Emount T adapter.

Here is an example after lens correction in Lightroom.

I'g guess it is the e-mount which is not open/wide enough for long and bright tele lenses.Another way to look at it, the problem is the shorter camera registration, thus the e-mount opening is too close to the sensor mechanically contributing to vignetting... Best is to use each lens with its camera model and vice versa :)

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stromaroma: Why the stupid XQD port? Why no popup flash? Wildlife photographers often find themselves in situations without a flash and the popup can save the shot. Why the low flash sync speed? Does it have auto mode? Sometimes you don't want to / can't think and just want to point n shoot.

Skipping the popup flash is one the best thing Nikon did to this camera -- it made it more solid and professional and for sure helped increase viewfinder's magnification....

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fatdeeman: Apple accounts for about 17% of smartphones.....why do these companies keep doing it? Is it because their own designers only use Apple?

In addition to high market share of a compatible iPhone designs and a stable product, iPhone owners are more likely to pay for such accessories.

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GPW: Who gives a crap except the few that can afford this niche camera. Nikon you idiots

This is a very rude comment. Yes, it is not a mass audience camera, but targets one of the most beautiful application of photography. The joy it will give to many amateur astronomers and the applauds it will create of their admirers, bravo to Nikon it made the effort to create this camera. And, mind you, for the targeted usage it is actually very good price.

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Zvonimir Tosic: This is the 135 format camera that EVERYBODY was waiting for.
Even those folks who had FF before. Why?
Because whenever it comes to a certain market, be it MF with their 645Z, or crop market with their K-5 and K-3, Pentax redefines expectations.
This one will most likely redefine anyone's understanding of what a good FF DSLR should be. Pentax is coming back to the playground Pentax HAS INVENTED, and they will surely punch high.

I've liked your reply because it is just naive. Readiness and experience comes with practice and being "ready . And I mean ready" doesn't come for free. And all of a sudden. It needs iterations, presence on the market, etc. for a while. It is true FF is "a little bit" more than APS and "a little bit" less than MF and Pentax has experience in those, but others haven't been hiding in the caves for all that time. So, when "they are ready" and enter the market of FF it doesn't grant them leading position, they have to win it. And they have highly capable competitors to deal with. Long gone is the time of SMC Takumars, even that one was lost.

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gunkan: Nikon 1? really???

Fuji X-A1 is just amazing.

I have both , the Nikon 1 and Fujifilm X-E1. They both can produce excellent images (for Nikon 1 from RAW.) In some occasions equally preferable, in others each with its own strengths. If I have to chose and keep only one of those two, I'll go for the Nikon 1, it is simply unique and very practical.

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Photoman: Love that these companies still use weasel bytes. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes. Shold be 1,024,000 for 1MB.

:) Close. The correct number is 1,048,576 (1024 x 1024) 1KB has 1024 bytes and 1MB has 1024 kilobytes, i.e. two to the power of twenty.

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rjx: On a lighter note.

This monkey makes better selfies than 99% of the selfies made by humans.

Therefore, it deserves the copyright over Mr. Slater...

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