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  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    seloo....you do know this is a gear site right? They actually compare gear here with its peers. Canon has and will continue to produce amazing gear, this camera seems to be an exception to the...

  • Wubslin....You are just way to smart for us. Maybe you should start your own site.

  • If you are only interested in paying off your mortgage....what are you doing at this site?

  • DPPMetro.....Please go buy another camera system so you can stop balling! Every post on DPR no matter what camera they are reviewing, you are on here crying about Pentex...so do not buy one. I am...

  • But this was the first smart phone. So yes this was apple was the originator of all that we use today. If you do not like the IPhone that is your choice, but unless you have a razor in your...

  • miksto....DPR uses the same focus procedures on all of the camera's they test (Manual Focus). So why would you mark the Sony down because of how DPR tests the camera. You are making no sense at all.

  • This just in.....CNN is reporting "Russian President Vladimir Putin has been caught tampering with the Studio Scene Image Quality Tests @ dpreview"....More information to come as a special council...

  • pppfffffttttttttt.......9.4 billion yen....that's like $57.00 USD.

  • Not so funny story:

    My wife uses one of these Nikon V3 cameras. There exists one decent prime lens for this system with the zoom lenses being pretty mediocre at best. IQ is hardly up to snuff...

  • Niko's opening statement of "my choice" says it all.

  • I think what they were getting at is if you needed a landscape camera you would be much better off with the A7rII with its higher pixel count and dynamic range. Not to mention savings of dollars...

  • Commented on article Nikon D7500 vs Canon EOS 80D

    I am with Donnie. I shoot RAW only. I like to put a personal touch on ever photo I take. JPEG + RAW means huge amounts of data. It is all really just personal preference.

  • So a the first mirrorless camera that can hold its own against the big two for a substantially lower price does not deserve some hype?

  • So you are saying that a Canon 1Dx mKII or a Nikon 5D are useless as well then. Simply put just because it does not work for you does not mean it is bad for everyone.

  • Anyone else see the rumors that the A9 is overheating....this could be the game changer that wrecks Sony...I really was hoping this camera would live up to the hype.

  • Commented on article Sigma SD Quattro H Review

    I think they do that with all camera's...They use the industry standard...Calling them out as lazy is a bit much don't you think?

  • xsamie - Back to Front is a old proper English saying.
    I would say the use of it was "spot on".

  • Says the folks who gave up their slide rule for Google search! Give it a few years and advancements in Tech and I bet you will see it out there...Uber could offer it up for weddings and...

  • So even though the company knows they put out a crap sensor you think it is awesome....they want to charge you to repair crap that they sold you....I guess as long as it has a red dot you will pay...

  • Not if the sensor is crap....this changes everything.

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