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On article Waterfails: We test Pentax K-1's Pixel Shift (225 comments in total)
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Akpinxit: I learned that Silkypix can handle the color artifacts of PS in movement areas unlike LR , or should I rephrase - the color artifacts here is due LR conversion . Can you confirm ?

Actually Silkypix seems to do a really good job

If you shot in RAW format and there is still some artifacts, it's a software issue, definitavely not a camera issue.

The testing methodology used here does not make any sense: using ACR which does not support MC then claming the K-1 fails ("Waterfails"!) is just trolling!

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On photo The Great Andromeda galaxy (Messier 31) in stephp's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Actually, the lens used is the non-HSM version which is not available for the K mount

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On article 900MP portraits show human face in extreme detail (284 comments in total)

Absolutely ridiculous !
Perhaps useful for ultra mega high-res passports photos, or for the NSA who want to know everything (at cell level !) about all human on Earth.

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On article Review in Progress: Pentax K-5 II and K-5 II S (70 comments in total)
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solarider: Additionally, we hope to see review of the optional O-GPS1 Astrophotography module in the review.

Thanks so much everyone at DPreview.


That you can expect with this module when looking at nebulea and galaxies:
It's great :)

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Oups !

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