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  • Perhaps I didn’t state my case that well; rear LCD screens with Live View are not just ideal for focusing, they are of paramount importance when framing a subject.

  • I totally disagree with you regarding body design of cameras; how a camera looks and feels in the hands is important; the hard edges and linear design elements of this Fujifilm MF camera are a turn...

  • Considering that the deliveries for the Nikon Z9 and Cannon EOS R3 are experiencing severe delays partly due to micro-chip shortages, how comes then that the R5C will be available to purchase...

  • I am glad that Leica M range cameras have evolved to such an extent that they are no longer exclusively rangefinders; as rangefinder focusing is only suitable for use with 35mm and 50mm lenses,...

  • It’s a gimmick/toy thus only fun for children, even children will need to wear 10x magnification reading glasses to view the contents of their credit sized prints shot using a wide angle lens.

  • Technology has progressed drastically since 2006, you need to upgrade Cave-Man 🤣

  • I am VERY surprised that no one has posted a comment on the Nikon D100, presumably the Nikon F2 users were way too suspicious of digital technology 🤣

  • How many nuclear-warheads would it take to obliterate a fart?, (joke) just trying to lighten the mood with all this heated arguments about camera body size vs weight

  • The comments section of DP Review is EXTREMELY disappointing in that one can only press on a tab that says “Agree”, but no tab that allows one to disagree; DP Review should solve this discrepancy.

  • In the early years of digital photography I was most excited with this leap in photography; however, D-SLR and serious Mirrorless camera manufacturers have let me down by introducing the ability to...

  • A digital nikon with rangefinder focusing?; rangefinder focusing is infinitely less practical than a tea-pot made of chocolate; the world’s BEST manual-focusing system is the Split-Screen type...

  • Who cares about how jpgs look; jpg photos won’t ever be exhibited in galleries, as they are not much better than a outline sketch of a fart. All that matters is how great RAW files are

  • To those of you who described the Nikon Z F C as being an “Awesome camera” you don’t know the meaning of ‘awesome’, most importantly you have never even seen a photo of an awesome camera let alone...

  • The ZFC a “great camera”?, are you on LSD?; you obviously haven’t the faintest idea of what a great camera is; comparing the ZFC with the FM2N is like comparing excrement with a £100,000,000...

  • Given a choice between using a Nikon FM2N or a ZFC, it’s no contest, I would always much prefer to use a FM2N over the ZFC, unlike the ZFC, the FM2N feels so much more durable and quality. Lastly,...

  • I bought the Fujifilm GFX 100S, though I only use it for passport/I.D sized photos, which I then printed off, the subsequent 36mm x 24mm photo image quality is mind-blowingly surreal.

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