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Alex Permit: Iit has been out for some time. I've been running ColorNavigator 7 since November. It was released even before then. What has just been released this weekend is support for a wider range of monitors.

That's right, AFAIK it was introduced to the general public with the CG279X. I have been running the new version for a while now, I like the fact it is now possible to fill the calibration slots of older monitors (e.g. CS240) with own presets now.

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PDL: Bravo! I have been waiting for this for years as I shoot with lighting conditions that Phase One does not replicate in their lab.

Now if Capture One would just fix their issues with Pentax metadata - maybe they should buy Pentax as a more pedestrian level of cameras.

So let the hate begin.

You could for example have used Lumariver Profile Designer ( or BasiCColor input (, but of course these tools are not free and X-Rite should have had a free tool to generate icc profiles much sooner.

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I think this product, especially the software, might have some pros (multi-brand hardware calibration (but only for Eizo and a limited selection of models by other manufacturers). The product has been on the market for a few months if I am not mistaken, and it would be interesting to read about experiences by people who have used it (at least I would be interested (

With regards to globell's colorimeter, I already have a X-Rite i1Display Pro and I do not expect globell's device to exceed its performance (and to me, lack of support by ArgyllCMS would be a definite con of it), but who knows.

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I handled/tried a M400 for Fuji in a store a week or so ago. The M400 is a nice looking and feeling little flash unit, just a bit bigger than Nissin's i40. The recycle time with some eneloop AAs was ~1,5s for a full power flash (so the specification sheet is correct). I think the user interface is clear enough. The M400's price in that store was ~20% higher than the i40's price.

The downside, specifically for Fuji is suppose, is the firmware does not (yet) support HSS, nor the on-flash LEDs. otherwise it appeared to work well enough (including TTL). Updating the flash's firmware when/if updates arrive should be possible quickly, by using the USB port.

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