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gonzalu: Why is this still not implemented by default into every single camera by now? I mean seriously? I can get a FREE Android or iOS device that has FAR MORE functionality than a dSLR that costs hundreds or thousands... Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, full functioning software, apps galore, etc. etc. Why are cameras still hobbled ???

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You can not get a free Android or iOS device. You don't understand your cell service contract, especially the part about length of the contract and the early termination fee.

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Odd math from what I see in the exposure info displayed:

Sony ISO 102400 1/125s f/1.4 = EV-2
Nikon ISO 51200 1/40s f/1.4 = EV-3
Canon ISO 12800 1/40s f/1.4 = EV-1

Yet this was called an EV -3 comparison... and the only one competing was the Nikon?

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ncsakany: Hard G. End of story.

"A" in Computer Science.

"D" in Linguistics.

Ultimately, a language is composed of what survives the test of time. It's always worked that way.

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falconeyes: I don't quite get the criticism which is lurking in the article.

I am pretty sure this inofficial repair center rescued an otherwise irrepairable lens. And in quite a creative manner too. Kudos to the guys and to make it public.

This is apparently what comes from Nikon cutting off the parts supply to the independent shops.

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