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starbase218: About the ports, I don’t really get it:
- Higher end cameras are either moving away from SD, or offer the option to use SD or CF Express in the same slot. An SD slot would be more appropriate - in my mind - on a lower end MacBook.
- USB-C with DP Alt Mode has been around for quite some time now.
- The iPhone doesn’t have a 3.5 mm jack anymore, and I’d argue that that device is used way more for listening to music via headphones. So why bother with it on the MacBook?

The ports don’t really bother me but I just find it odd that they have been re-added.

Tog I think you might be surprised just how many A/V professionals get paid while using consumer grade gear and techniques.

Everyone at the last post house I worked at plugged into tiny 3.5 jacks, and bypassed the mixing boards, except for our one sound designer.

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Mortal Lion: People won't run to get this with the GH6 on the Horizon.

For now, but many low-budget / multiple body shooters will come back to it after they price out a GH6 package.

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(unknown member): Panasonic makes the most video oriented interchangeable lens cameras. This they do very well. I'd likely pick this camera over the S1H or any other video hybrid today, especially the ones that don't over sample.

I was think about small sensor video cameras this weekend. During the PGA broadcast, they used a camera with a shallow depth of field, and it was very distracting. The subject kept going in and out of focus and it looked terrible. In contrast they switched to a different camera showing Phil M. and the ocean waves crashing in the distant background. It was a gorgeous shot. I hope for most TV events they ditch the larger sensors, and stick with the better looking 'everything in focus' shots.

This is what people who worship FF over all other formats don't understand. Shooting FF video requires a constant balancing act to keep critical focus, even in a sit down interview.

When it comes to video, a smaller sensor gives a nice balance of d.o.f. control, high speed read outs, and cheaper glass (lens options being even more important for video shoots).

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jaiyenyen: I don’t care what Apple haters think. I have mac, MBP, ipad, iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch. They all work just fine and dandy. My last MBP lasted me 9 years, and my daughter now has it. My Mac is still going strong after 12 years. On top of that they all look as new as when I bought them. Apple produces great products.

When I used the likes of Dell, Sony etc for laptops after 2 years they were useless.

To top it off, I’m Happy paying my Adobe subscription to use great software that runs fast and smooth on my Apple devices.

And I don't think I’m alone !!!!

And I can still use the first XPS 15 from 2013(?) to edit video when I don't feel like sitting in my studio, while my wife's 2015 Mac Air is basically unusably outdated for anything but light web browsing.

I think it's a little disingenuous to claim Apple has any kind of dominion over computing longevity in 2020.

It all depends on what hardware upgrades you ponied up for when you bought the machine, and at least a few other companies have caught up to Apple's build quality almost a decade ago.

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Slideshow Bob: I never quite saw the need for a laptop with amazing graphics hardware. I once took at top-of-the-range MacBook Pro to a 3D scanning facility (thinking it might come in handy) and the guys just laughed and invited me to sit down at their 24 core Xeon workstation with a lovely 30" Eizo ColorEdge monitor. The point being, anything a laptop can do, a fully fledged workstation can do much better!

Yes, I know some people live and work "on the move", but it's still not an ideal solution.

If it was a gaming thing, I'd understand. But then, you don't buy a Mac for gaming.

I think it makes a big difference for media creators who are not ever really using 'top of the line' software or machines, but will take as much extra horsepower as they can get before having to buy true specialty machines or displays.

Like, I spend a lot of time in various video editing programs and after effects, and also (used to) have to bring my setup into clients' offices frequently, ideal or not.

I'd wager my use reflects that of a core audience of decked out MPB 16 buyers.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII: What you need to know (154 comments in total)

My M6 is safe, although I wish I could get the re-added intervalometer, which I doubt will ever come to the 6 in a firmware update. I imagine more than a few shooters will upgrade just for that.

I was also hoping to see Sony finally move to a USB-C port, but given how 'minor' (YMMV) the updates are to the M7, I guess they've got to hold on to a couple of easy tweaks for the M8.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm GFX 100 review (132 comments in total)

Chris and Jordan bring a great energy and enthusiasm to DPR reviews. Love the videos, guys!

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ianjoc: I wonder if there are no Instagram, Facebook, social media, internet access or anything to immediately share or show their pics to their friends/public... would people prefer cameraphones (maybe not smartphones anymore) or a dedicated good camera? Thoughts?


Computational photography will come to dedicated cameras when the (camera buying) masses won't scoff at adding on the extra few hundred to a thousand bucks in parts that our cellphones are using.

To stay ahead of cellphones, a computational camera will need all almost all the parts of a high end phone (processor, RAM, radio, big battery), as well as those of a good camera (large sensor, bright lens, most likely a zoom). Firmware will likely require regular updates for bug fixes and security (more cost).

Overheating will be even more of a problem with a big sensor and processor chugging away on software stabilized 4k HDR and burst shooting, as a 'real' camera will need to perform more extreme photo duties than a cell without dropping frames, or losing images (the way RAM issues caused the Pixel 3 to lose some images at first).

I believe a $2000-$2500 computational rx100 would sell some units now, but most shooters would just save the money and edit the images themselves.

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paulfulper: Rentmeester should be awarded 1 lump sum of 100 millions

Post-microwave Peeps

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HaoAndHui: If the battery drop is due to IS, it should let people turn IS off and get more photos per charge, IS isn’t usually needed for street photography anyway which is GR’s main target use age.

According to someone else in these comments IBIS can't really be turned off as it's keeping the sensor in place at all times.

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splendic: I can't imagine buying another action cam without jumping to 360 degree capabilities. GoPro needs to go all in on 360, and improving their editing software.

Yes, it is. And I see these models as a stop gap until GoPro can bring down the price of the fusion to (almost) completely replace the legacy lineup.

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walker2000: I don't about other people, but for those photos at dusk, I prefer iPhone X instead of XS. It looks more natural.

What are you defining "natural" as though? Natural to your eye in person, or natural compared to most other photos you've seen in those lighting conditions?

I agree that aggressive HDR crosses an uncanny valley that makes us squint a little harder, but I'm happy engineers keep working toward photos that look more like what I see in person, and less like what I'm expecting to see because of years of older photos having trained my eye.

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splendic: I can't imagine buying another action cam without jumping to 360 degree capabilities. GoPro needs to go all in on 360, and improving their editing software.

Understood, but not for me, and not for casual use.

The benefit of having a "multicam" setup with one little action cam far outweighs the negatives, especially because I edit my footage.

All that's missing is better software, although I say that without having tried any footage on Premiere yet.

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I can't imagine buying another action cam without jumping to 360 degree capabilities. GoPro needs to go all in on 360, and improving their editing software.

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MaxLilClerk: Surprisingly, specs wise, the S9+ is more powerful (6Gb RAM)

Isn't it also almost twice the price?

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princecody: Wait a second! $1200 for a camera with “No external charger” included. Shame on you Sony for being tremendously “greedy”. This is asinine & ridiculous! Maybe companies like BHPhoto or Adorama can include a “free” Sony charger because Amazon won’t most likely.

Before the RX100 line were any other cameras able to charge in unit?

IDK maybe I'm just used to it, but I think it's a fantastic feature, and have never wanted for an extra piece of gear to carry when I can just plug my camera into the same battery I charge my phone with.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 VI review (511 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: the review confirmed my strongest reservation , its seems delicate , not robust

but the iq is so much than the panny in the same class .... i much prefer pannys placement of evf but not a fan of pannys field seq tech

hate a pop up evf ... i so wish sony made something like the fuji x30 , with its solid
build fixed quality evf but with a 1 inch sensor..... the sonys lens is really top notch as have been previous lenses in the series

Delicate in what way?

It basically has the same body that every other RX100 has. It's not an unknown quantity at this point.

I don't know. I've had 4 of these already. Never dented one, never broke one, although I'm not too haphazard with my gear.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 VI review (511 comments in total)
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FasterQuieter: I don't understand why after all these years they still can't get their hands on a chip that doesn't overheat. I had the mark 4 and sold it after it shut down on me at a particularly important moment. Phones can shoot 4K60 with no issue. They need to do whatever it takes to make this thing reliable. Until then, stop releasing pointless updates.

Phones that shoot the best 4k are using far more capable, far more expensive processors. Mid-range phones will record more than 5 minutes, but will drop frames, stutter, or crash and lose the video. Unless you want to add another $400+ to the price tag, pocket cameras aren't going to get high end phone processors any time soon.

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upptick: Is it common for professional photographers to call a person who just sits there "the talent?" Seems to me the "talent" in this equation are the engineers and technicians who are figuring out how to do the lighting, how to capture a decent image.

"Talent" is industry term for on-camera subject.

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jvt: No external mic jack. No ND filter. No way to do timelapse anymore.

These are easy things to add to a camera, especially at this price point.

@Roland it's not in the compatible list with the Playmemories time lapse app


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