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On article Canon PowerShot S120 real-world samples (UPDATED) (67 comments in total)
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qianp2k: I like Canon S-series colors and IQ in general from perspective of 1/1.7" sensor size. However personally I will not buy another S-series compact. My S95 suffers that notorious lens error second time (the lens gets jammed and unable to extend). This time Canon refused to give another free fix and it doesn't make sense that I would spend $170 for a fix. This lens issue that I believe on flaw designed lens assembly is pretty common in S-series cameras. The issues in both cases developed by its own not because of any abuses or drops or squeezed. I just bought on unbelievable $399 deal of EOS-M with 18-55, 22 pancake and 90EX flash last night. That's my new replacement of S-series camera. Bigger and heavier but at least will not have this stupid lens issue, and can use my EF lenses thru an adapter.

I had the same lens error issue on my s95. They wouldn't even cover mine under warranty. I got a micro-four thirds (bigger but better) and haven't looked back

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I want cameras to be Programmable, they are computers after all. An external interface standard would be nice too (similar to midi for music control, but for cameras).

Apart from adding features that cameras leave out like timelapse shooting, being able to remotely control how the camera works would lead to all sorts of interesting possibilities. (take a slow shutter shot, then a freeze action shot right after, combine for interesting motion blur effects.).

I like all the controls on this.

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On article Olympus PEN E-PL5 and PEN E-PM2 Hands-on Preview (146 comments in total)
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PeterTom: Orientation sensor: No

Isn't that weird nowadays?
Well, I come from DSLRs and I seek for something smaller, I would prefer in-body IS, but this single thing discourages me from Olympus.

If I understand well, it means that I cannot show the JPEGs right from the cameras SD card on my TV, or computer... Do I need to edit 50% (sometimes even more) of the pictures only to show them properly? Or I miss something and this is not needed?

I have an EPL1
Fun camera, but also without an orientation censor the vertical images need to be rotated in post. I learned how to do it very quickly in lightroom.

Its was kind of annoying at first but I got used to it. Surprised these don't have the sensor.

doNE has a better answer. That might not have worked on my older camera.

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AA batteries, articulating screen.

looks good for travel.

If it uses AA why does the description say "battery pack"?

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On article Instagram 3.0 update adds mapping feature (31 comments in total)

I use instagram. Its my mobile sharing aap of choice. @acomjean FWIW.
I've been shooting many year prior to using the app..

I really like it though. Its challenging to get an interesting image from a widsih angle fixed focus camera cropped square. I use the filters sometime but I always instagram with my cell phone camera (some don't, its allowed).

You can find out things going on locally and far away etc... based on who you follow.

3.0 is a nice upgrade. The ability to add to maps was well thought out (as you can pick and choose which photos you want to add). The map doesn't always load quickly for me, but for a *.0 release its good.

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Adrian Harris: What the F is instagram, will it help me be a better photographer?

You will learn to compose square and more about composition and form and contrast (filters) .

The images are small (800x800 I think) so you'll need a certain technique to make your images pop on the small screen.

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Abe Adew: funny how the "real" photographers with their "real" cameras giving a bad rap about this article.
The reality is, we have a single App that brings a community closer together through the love of photography. Great people, great idea, honorable mission.

you see, "real" photographers.. no amount of your medium format portfolios can have impact as big as these people with their camphone.

Its fun, and some people get amazing shots with their crazy little phone cameras. Its a visual communications medium.

I've gotten better at composing in square format too.

I think there some resentment because the photos aren't hi-res and designed for mobile devices, but you can do a lot with the limitations.

@acomjean on instagram.

plus by following photographers in other countries it makes the world a little smaller.

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IcyVeins: Is there any way to use instagram with a real camera, for example one that has wifi to connect to your tablet or phone?

Yes. I'm not sure how they do it, but the instameet had a lot of people with DSLRs posting photos later. Actually that works better as a photo meet. The first instameet was mostly iphones and when walking though a city its hard to keep a group together that has members stopping editing and posting.

I think when you post after its #latergram

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D800 hands-on preview (263 comments in total)
slow loading
sample image. although one questions the wisdom of a portrait...
a library... staggering detail

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On article Nikon announces D4 'multi-media' DSLR (228 comments in total)

Focuses to f8 with center.. Thats pretty good for those with long f4 primes and doublers.

A big complaint about tthe Eos 1DX.

Although honestly the top of the line canon and Nikon seem more alike then different.

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