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Does anybody know if the VC reachs as much as 5 stops only because of the new separate processor, or also because of different mechanics on the stabilization?

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cameramen: Where are the specifications?


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Mike Cialowicz: $1400 and they make you spend an extra $225 for a tripod collar... ridiculous. I was really looking forward to this lens, especially since it's lighter and smaller than the 2.8 version, which makes it great for hiking. However, at $1625, looks like it's a big skip.

Can't wait to see what the Tokina 70-200 f/4 is like.

Yep it is lighter for hiking; would you carry a tripod when hiking? which weight it has?

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Combatmedic870: Took them a while.....I wonder if it will be better then the legendary canon 70-200 F4 IS L

Yep it took six years more. And the Canon is the first with four stops for Canon, while the Nikon is the first with five stops for Nikon! It seems they were serious at the time introducing the lenses.

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Where are the specifications?

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Retzius: And the only Photokina in recent history where Nikon and Canon released NOTHING for DX, thereby neglecting the segment that accounts for 90% of their camera sales.

Yeah, they ignored 90% of their base. Smart move.

True they didn't announce a crop camera. However what I said about lenses is valid both for crop and full frame! (and they announced full frame cameras, why not at least a full frame lens to accompany it?)

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It's the Photokina with less DSLR lens announcements: no one for the two most important players: Nikon, Canon. Canon even didn't officialy announce the 200-400.
Nice in announcements from full frame, compact, mirrorless bodies.

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FTMF says the release for two lenses, but the spec list says only for the pancake

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here it says: "Articulated LCD Tilting" but I don't find it in official sites

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*1 means ISO less than 3200?

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Isn't a mistake in the weight at 143g?

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