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ewelch: This is Google, so chances are it will be cancelled just before or after release.

It's a very successful product that has seen continuous improvements, and for which they get to charge money. I doubt very much it's gonna disappear.

Either way you should keep an offline backup of your pictures no matter which cloud service you use.

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Mikofox: Since you posted a 25 year graphic, I'm sure you also would like to see the larger picture according to tree ring data:

Or maybe don't get your news from an anti-science website? What's next, medical information from an anti-vaxxer blog?

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cactusgeorge: Computational photography is more than nascent cell phone technology. It will be a driving force in future DSLR development.. First cell phones have wiped out point and shoots. Now entry level DSLRs are threatened. All things being equal, I would choose a DSLR with computational features and AI over one without them. The only question is who will be the first company to market one and when.

It's $120k at Google's in California. It's significantly cheaper in other western countries and even more cheap in Eastern Europe. There is really no reason for a Japanese camera company to have it's R&D done in Silicon Valley where land and labor are so outrageously expensive.

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Focus Shift Shooting: I have never met anyone who lost their pictures on their hard-drive and didn't simply just have a backup. What kind of a photographer doesn't have a backup?

I find all this cloud-storage nonsense is just that... nonsense.

The big companies saw the price of hard-drive space plummet and found a way to make money from selling something to people that they didn't need. That's all that is happening here.

If we could bottle air and get people to buy it, then it would be popular too. People are gullible and naïve, and companies know it.

I've lost data despite having a backup - both drives ended up being dead despite being stored separately. One backup might not be enough.

Secondly cloud storage is being able to pull any photo I want from anywhere through any of my devices, so this isn't the same usage as a hard drive.

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yuchuxinchen: I got Baidu 10T cloud storage for free since 4 years ago.

The Chinese government got your files for free too.

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Lan: >For example, if the AI recognizes people in the image, Google Photos will suggest sending it to that person;

That sounds like a major data protection/privacy issue to me!

That's a recognition based on other pictures of that person the user already has (not that other people have). One would think if you upload another pic of your wife, no privacy is breached when the software figures out it's your wife in it.

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Joed700: I have a 5K monitor and there's hardly any media that plays 4K, so what is the point of 8K?

Smoother text and sharper icons and pictures.

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KCook: They seem to have overlooked that many Win machines are still 32bit.

Intel and AMD generalized 64 bit a decade ago. Your install of Windows might be an old 32 bit but switching to 64 bit and upgrading would be a good idea anyway, if only for security reasons. Really there is little reason to release 32 bit Windows app in late 2016.

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Aroart: Canon Should have used the Nx1 as a benchmark.. Hey Canon, team up with Apple and make a camera with the same specs as nx1 with full connectivity.. How hard can it be. You can buy an iPad with LTE why not a camera...

If Apple joined in, they'd remove the SD card slot, change the USB to a proprietary Lightning connector and force you to transfer photos with iTune...

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Photoman: Isn't 4K just seeing crap in higher quality. Reality TV in 480p/720p1080p/4K is still crap.

TV yes. Movies and series, not always.

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