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Michael Berg: In related news, Capture One is having a 30% sale for existing Express users right now. Very tempted to spend my money there in stead...

I still have C1P v20, but no thanks. Within the recent years the price has spiked, the marketing and development has become terrible - blind-selling (no show of features but tricking into buying) only to discover later the new features are a little bit on the "meh" side (for my usage).
I also have Luminar, I take it for what it is, for some editing it's an easy route and that without actually using the sky replacement. For my usage, the price seems right.

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That took long.

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entoman: Those who depend on "artificial intelligence" to produce their photographs are merely demonstrating that they lack intelligence themselves.

Some AI tools are quite useful like facial features recognition, saves a lot of time as opposed to marking them manually.
So it boils down to the quality of the tools rather than AI per se.
Granted that doing manually one has full control over the process, but for speedy/satisfactory level AI can be quite useful at times.

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cxsparc: I find it shocking how many here hop on the "Bad-US-companies-Legal_System" bandwagon or actually claim that patent law stifles innovation.

If you do research and development, that is costly and must be financed by sales of according products. If others simply copycat your innovations, you go bankrupt in a blink and serious innovation goes downhill. Of course that must be limited in time but exactly that is the case with patent law.

Chinese companies mostly give xxxx on moral or legal law, considering that the immensely large national market has no enforcement of that. Ever seen copy-cat landrover cars there? Or do you remember Huaweis repeatedly "smartphone" ad photos taken by DSLR users? That is NOT A GLITCH, it is a sign of systematic behaviour.

And finally, when all western tech companies finally have gone (and the jobs, too), we the people will depend on the products and good-will of a totalitarian state.

Yes, but there are flaws, things do not work exactly as intended:
1. Companies who buy ip-s only to sue with no intention whatsoever to implement the aquired patents
2. Recent music copyright cases, blocking the basics of elementary music theory knowledge
3. Possibility to patent software interfaces (Oracle vs the rest)
4. Huge companies are favoured (they take over rather than innovate themselves)

P.S. the breakthrough innovations in the world history involve plenty of cases where they actually happened independently & in parallel for the same discovery. So much so that for at least half of the things we would be better off without any ip measures for my subjective estimation.

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Who in the right mind wants to rent this when Davinci Resolve is there?
Well apart from high budget professional studios I mean.

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doady: People are complaining about the smaller ink cartridges, but these printers also have smaller minimum droplet size, 1.5pL compared to 3.0pL or 3.5pL of the previous generation, so they can lay down ink more efficiently, resulting in significantly reduced ink consumption.

For example, according to Red River, the R1900 (minimum droplet size: 1.5pL) consumed 28% less ink than the R2400 (minimum droplet size: 3.5pL):

That sounds interesting, thanks!

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aris14: Two issues:
25 and 50 ml cartridges for these A3+ and A2 printers respectively are rather small, they should be 75 and 150ml and more than that they should have the same the same ink "input". These cartridges will deliver 120-160 full A3+/A2 prints in any resolution more than 720 lpi meaning that you 'll get in your hands 100-120 prints at best in a typical workflow (practically 0.50$/print).
As for clogging, typical problem for any inkjet printer, covering them can partially reduce the problem especially in environments with big differences in temperature and low humidity.

Indeed, I'd have preferred rather slightly bigger printer size with bigger cartridges or at least much closer to the P800 80ml size.
Huh, just when they finally fixed the black switching.

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Nevertheless, the images are very nice.

Also, I have grown to dislike these days all sorts of conformity in all the fields - absolutely everything must be agreed, planned, followed the ethics commity, passed by twitter moral community etc. Not nice, yes, but you see the tendency?
All the actual progress neglects, disrupts, improvises which is the opposite of all that.

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On article Phase One Capture One 20 software review (418 comments in total)

The cataloguing is not so great as the size grows. It's missing some simple things like overwrite on export, all the software has it - ask for the file replacement or propose a unique name - the latter being the only option in C1. The healing tool could be much better. All that combined with the price hike and not much new features leaves me on the side of 'not interested', at least for this 'breakthrough named version'.

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MrBrightSide: Learn from my experience:
The reason being is that Resolve uses a database (sort of like Lightroom) to keep track of files; if you move files after they've been imported it confuses the system on many levels and you may wind up having to reimport all your clips.
Also, use proxy files.

That is also valid for all the cataloging photo development software.
However, one can always fix the reference to the new folders when necessary, no need to re-import.

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(unknown member): New version actually rocks here. IQ got even better (did not though it was possible), the crop tool is better (it was not that good in v12), it feels faster (they optimised it), UI is better...

Ok. It's a 150€ update (almost pro year) but I'm free to upgrade or not.. and actually I'm willing to pay for that as in the end I will get more for less.

No revolution but very good upgrade. Bravo PhaseOne !

"IQ got even better"

Do you mean because of improved noise reduction or in some cases better color profiling? There is no mentioning of anything else in the new features section as far as IQ is concerned?

By the way, as they said much effort went into details - can I now finally overwrite on export? That's a really annoying issue for me.

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eno2: I'm a Sony user, but this seams like a proper upgrade of the previous generation camera, unlike the A9II.
Sony didn't get that their top of the line camera is more than a sport camera only, it's a technology statement of what they can offer best with their most expensive gear!

It would be interesting to see though what are the full video specs. Canon behavior have made me skeptical, most probably it isn't what it looks like.

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For me personally, a complete disappointment.

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No collapsible arms, small sensor without optical zoom, less flight time, less range, less speed. All that is going after the dji mavic 2 pro market?

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FrithjofA: It is time that people understand that the intellectual properties are protected. It is a kind of strange concept that some company makes billions by using the intellectual properties of somebody else without paying a royalty. The owns of images did not asked Google to include it into a search.

If people want that why not charge a fee from the users and pay royalties? Thats the standard in the offline world. The Google Monopoly is build on the clever exploits of the properties of others.

Newspapers already have measures in place - one must often pay for full artcles, the search engine reveals only the freely available content.
Btw. how do you plan to search news without search engines?

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As a long time advanced amateur, part of my inspiration is driven by technological advancements. In that regard I'm pretty happy I switched many years ago from Canon after they firstly came out with working full frame cameras (the very reason I bought into their system). They definitely have the know-how and capabilities to produce, but they go nuts in balancing their products by giving and taking at the same time. Due to this behavior I don't have much trust in them to create truly inspirational products these days.

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Sannaborjeson: Considering how brilliant was the latest Capture One update I can hardly see any future for Luminar and other marginal editors.

C1 is quite a lot more expensive. While very worthwhile, the new features were more of catch up with others type of features, and so few of them actually considering the hefty price hike.
Their cataloguing still can't handle loads of images.

C1, it is a quality tool for processing, but it comes at a price.

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Carlitoaoun: What is the focal length of the mavic 2 Pro cam?


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AminF: I have a fairly decent machine, including Windows OS on SSD and data files on an SSD, but DaVinci gives me very poor playback. It struggles and audio/video don't seem in sync.

Premiere Pro, Hitfilm - even Camtasia! - don't have that problem on the same machine with the same clip from the same location. I've just uninstalled this.

Not to forget to distinguish between Resolve Studio and free version - the former has much, much better performance due to much more efficient codec.
So in order to compare it with Premiere Pro, which is a paid software, Resolve Studio has to be used in comparison.
And again, Resolve free is fine for working with editing formats, which the h.264(5) are not.

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AminF: I have a fairly decent machine, including Windows OS on SSD and data files on an SSD, but DaVinci gives me very poor playback. It struggles and audio/video don't seem in sync.

Premiere Pro, Hitfilm - even Camtasia! - don't have that problem on the same machine with the same clip from the same location. I've just uninstalled this.

Ok! It may well be that the DR minimum requirements are well above the other NLE tools. For me, it works fine but then again I have quite a powerful hardware configuration.

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