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Geoffrey Kitt: I don't know why we are all obsessed with sensor SIZE. It is sensor performance that is important. I expect in the future we will see smaller sensors with the capability of today's full frame sensors. We are not there yet, but Nikon's and Pentax's decision to launch small sensor ILCs might be the start of a new direction which will focus R&D on getting better performance from small sensors. After all, the computer industry has managed to put processing power that would have filled a large room fifty years ago into your smartphone today. And nobody is now saying that we need bigger computers!

We are all obsessed with sensor size because there's a direct correlation between sensor size and performance. Of course, in the future, we will see today's full frame performance in sensor sizes of 1/2.5"; BUT, the full frames of that future will be far superior. There's a reason why supercomputers still exist that fill an entire warehouse, and why desktops are not obsolete: and that is, no matter how fast a laptop may be, the larger sized object will ALWAYS be faster/better. Fujitsu K, the fastest supercomputer in the world, which came online several months ago, is being used for advanced biological and physics modeling. Try doing that in a netbook.

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