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that great i must say :)
nice article.

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Be careful of dictionary definitions. They are, by nature, retrospective. Technically it isn't image stitching as there is no attempt at correcting alignment or blending. What is described here is a collage made with digital images rather than paper and paste. Keep up! This IS the 21st century after all!
Nice. I too used this technique before digital cameras, and with photoshop later on. Allows also to contract space between objects (people), for example if publishing format is small and you have a group of people to present. The look of "pieceramas" is refreshing occasionally used.

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Since the caption indicates it was taken with a film camera that was made between 1995 and 2000 or so, none were digitally retrofitted, as far as I know.

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A couple of pluses to the SEP2 with Luminosity usage are: you can burn in the edges; the sub sliders under Brightness, Contrast, and Structure are quite sophisticated; and I like SEP2's Vignette tool.

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It's only a matter of time before art students everywhere start exhibiting photos with a scratchpad. Just no farmyard scents please, we can do without that :)

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It was a great place to work as every so often folks would stop in that actully knew Weston. .Ultimately I do strongly recommend the book, but at this price, I also agree with Munro Harrap. If at all possible, try to check out a real copy and see if it's to your taste. If that is impossible, I might contact your bookseller and confirm their return policy.I agree with one purchaser - try to see this book before buying.

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nice article
To fireplace33, ink type is "part of printer design". When you buy Printer X, you get Y inks, and that's it. The printers are manufactured specifically to handle a specific type of ink delivery.

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