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Bravo, Damien, for writing an essay that is a well thought out evaluation of Canon's lack of presence in the CSC camera market, and not just a puff-piece that parrots the company marketing line! I do not see your article as an attack on Canon as much as an evaluation of what Canon MIGHT have done in the early days of the CSC market, and where they would have been had they jumped on board. An interesting thought - how different would the CSC / Mirrorless Market be today if either Canon or Nikon had come out with a DSLR with no reflex-mirror system but sporting a big, bright EVF instead?

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The professional wrestler "Killer" Kowalski was a remarkable portraitist. Some of his studio shots of fellow wrestlers are legendary within the sport.

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A very interesting topic. Yes, the link to an old favorite camera is strong. In that light, I just want to comment that the plaster Nikkormats depicted are actually FTn models, as that model featured the addition of the sculptured plastic tip of the film advance lever. The earlier FT had only the flat metal lever. My first camera was, of course, a Nikkormat FTn.....

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mannyr: But does it have overheating problems??
I had to sell my A33 because it would overheat after about 30 minutes of being continuously on - not even video, just stills.
No good when you are shooting a concert or performance for business.
If that's fixed, I would reconsider an SLT - very good camera except for that deal killer.

Why were you using their entry-level camera for "business" in the first place? It was probably never designed to be used that way, and thus the overheating problem.

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photo nuts: I want to see a mirrorless full frame camera. I can't wait to buy one. :)

But please.... give us the lenses too.

I would love to know the percentage of people on these forums that discount the modern EVF cameras (1.4 million pixel display or better) and yet have never shot a photo with one. Having owned a Nikon Ftn Photomic in the 70s and a progression of 35mm SLRs and then D-SLRs, I can state in no uncertain terms that being able to preview with a detailed EVF your exposure, white balance, focusing, and even watch a live histogram BEFORE you push the shutter button is a total game-changer. Not only CAN an EVF full-frame pro camera be made, it's inevitable. The only question is - who gets there first?

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emircruz: imho, what these current crop of mirrorless cams aren't for:

i-cant-live-without-an-ovf shooter: nope the evf doesnt feel the same
bokeh junkies: mostly because of the of the crop factor
action shooters: most of these do cdaf are very good with c-af

without the mirror, the main advantage really is the size. So if you want dslr quality (comparing to apsc and 43) in a smaller package this is for you. ie for m43: one camera and pocketful of primes.

I disagree with Point 1 - Having shot Nikon Ftn Photomic in the 70s, a string of 80s 35mm SLRs, and having used many of the D-SLRs from the original D-Rebel to the current Nikons and Pentaxes (I have not had the opportunity to use the Sony Alpha hybrid-mirror cameras), the current OVFs do not come close to rivaling those from the film-era.

I bought an Olympus E-P2 and its EVF because it gives acceptable control over manual focusing accuracy (I do digiscoping at focal lengths approaching 3000mm) and introduces total control over exposure and WB before I push the shutter button. The ability to see the results of the shot without having to take my eye from the EVF is a bonus.

I am looking forward to seeing the Sony 2.4m OLED EVF. We might only need one more generation of EVF development to reach the point where OVF cameras go to the same place that 35mm film resides.

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Canon20Duser: I have the S100. Any way I can tell if the lens is decentered?

Simply put, yes. I would be surprised if Canon20DUser bought the S100 as a replacement for the 20D in all things photographic. Decked Out is perfectly happy with his S100 for regular shooting, and uses his 1Ds MkII Pro D-SLR when the results matter. That should be enough recommendation.

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Canon20Duser: I have the S100. Any way I can tell if the lens is decentered?

If you cannot tell right now, and you were happy with your images before reading this article, what does it matter? See the reply above from Decked Out Digital.

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