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fortwodriver: Perhaps I missed something in the specs. Notice there is no screen for the bright-line illumination between the finder and the focus baseline? The M-E has it, but this one doesn't.

Has Leica done away with this?

No, the new M framelines are mechanical but illuminated by a small light inside the viewfinder housing, not a window.

So they are not like the M9 Titanium which were electronically projected.

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nicolaiecostel: I know I will sound like a bit of an ignorant, but how is Leica still going ? I know that for a company to survive, it must have big sale values, albeit at high prices. I mean, Pentax sells loads more than Leica but it still went bust a few times. Who buys these overpriced allmost-one-offs, in such large quantities so that a company cand afford to pay the personell, invest in R&D and so on ?

I am not a doctor or lawyer, I go to work by bus, and am an M9 user. I just saved by not drinking or smoking, and by living frugally. The M9 is a great camera to use, the simplicity is the key. Not sure I like this M with video, and a scroll wheel is seriously uncool..

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I do shoot with an M9 and M5, and will never go back to another camera, though I do keep a Nikon D700 for long glass. The rangefinder experience is about manual focus and the feeling that you are actually making the image, not the camera. The simplicity of the menus is ideal.

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