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On article DPReview TV classics: The Sony a7 III review (85 comments in total)

Being in Canada is part of the appeal?
What, are canadians "exotic" to murricans?

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Absolutic: Not sure what the video reveals but it at 11AM and my IPhone 13 pro battery is down to 61 percent (It was 100 percent when I left the house to work at 7AM)…. My IPhone 11 Pro Max appeared to fare better. maybe battery will get better with time?

On the positive side I reviewed my Raw photos shot with 13’s main camera and they are very sharp and detailed, unless they are shot at ISO800 and above, then there is a serious penalty in image quality. But this is better than most point and shoots from 10 years ago for sure. The UWA camera on the other hand, I see serious softness in the corners in my Raw photos. I was under impression UWA was much improved?

Only the main camera improved, the ultra-wide and tele didn't, in the case of the tele some may even say that it got worse because of the dimmer aperture (some people are saying that there are focusing issues because of this).

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The main camera alone may have gotten a big bigger, but the other two cameras have a really small sensor!

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Photato: While these small increments in camera specs are welcome, Smartphones should start transitioning already to Full Image Circle coverage, aka Cropless Modes. Larger sensors are needed but the lens remains the same size.
Starting with Multi Aspect sensor (16:9, 3:2, 4:3) next year, then full square 1:1 in 2023, then 4:3 portrait in 2024 to achieve full image circle in 2025.

BTW, I'd have been nice if DPR added in this piece older iPhone generations down to iPhone 7 to be more useful to more readers, not all of us have the iPhone 12. I had to do it myself to see if was worth upgrading from my iPhone 7 Plus.

Also, I'd never understand folks (like DPR) using sensor area instead of sensor diagonal which is the industry standard. The sensor area number doesn't relate much to other metrics of photography, like the sensor diagonal does !

Few reviews seem to notice the iPhone 13 lack of WiFi 6GHz band which some Samsung phone already support as part of the latest WiFi 6E standard, bummer.

Oh, Nokia did this in the past a few times.

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jim seekers: And still no fix for the famous iPhone Lens Flare.
if the new Vivo X70 Pro Plus can virtually eliminate Lens Flare, I am sure Apple has the Money and R&D to virtually eliminate it, Just watch this video ,

This is achieved with lens coating, that I assume it's something that it's patented by someone (in this case Carl Zeiss). If Apple wanted to use they would have to partner with someone like Zeiss or develop their own coating and in trying to do so they could hit some patent, right?

But what impress me is that Apple is still cheapening on the secondary sensors, jesus christ!

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On article DPReview TV: Why Jordan is buying the iPhone 13 (248 comments in total)

He'll upgrade his phone BEFORE finally releasing that long promised review for his current phone?

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jim seekers: Here is a good review on YouTube about it

It's actually a bad review with annoying loud music playing while he shows photos that he took from other reviews.

Link | Posted on Sep 14, 2021 at 14:38 UTC

Chinese reviews are already up on Youtube and looks like contrary to what often happens Vivo only moved forward with this new model. They managed to improve the photos even more and also fixed that comically bad video (by comparison) from the last model.

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BrexitDefCom3: NO, not again. I love Dpreview, I really appreciate its presence in my life! especially Chris & Jordan (not so much his twin though)

but WHEN are you going to lead the way and publish the actual in-use resolution of these phones sensors, instead of billing them, as here, at "50MP" and "48MP" when they are only 12.5 MP and 12 MP respectively as three quarters of the pixels (if they even exist) are wasted, binned ,kaput, like real gone man?

I do not think it is the role of sites to deliberately attract attention to new gear by the same really dishonest means manufacturers choose, as here (again).

WE all look in prayerful expectation and our bright childlike magpie delusions are shatterred when eventually we find out they are just another 12MP camera, like my Nokia N8 from way back in 2010, though that one had a decent 1/1.83″ sensor.
I know there must be life after "pixel-binning", and I check each new release in the hope that we get good phones again, but so far nothing for stills

They are doing the right thing, those are the official resolutions and it's needed to state those numbers otherwise the "real number" would be useless.
Example, these sensor 50MP sensor output to 12MP, but would you say that the resolution is the same as the Galaxy S21U that have a 108MP sensor that also outputs to 12MP?

Of course, not to mention that you can use the full resolution at any time.

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Forget the patent discussion (and also comparisons with dedicated cameras), I simple can't understand this decision. A periscope with not one but two prism for... 3x zoom? Only to offer around 80mm? This design will really offers better quality than a simpler lens? I don't believe it, makes no sense to me, it's a big waste of engineering.

Also, not only periscope cameras with prisms are old by now on smartphones, the fact that this design uses 2 prisms also isn't news, it's what Huawei uses on it's two current flagships to offer 10x zoom (240mm)!

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tkbslc: This seems like a smart design. Can actually see people using this unlike the clunky ones we've seen in the past.

Being "clunky" is the point, on those thin bodies.

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On article A photographer's guide to buying a smartphone (152 comments in total)

ALERT: Don't use "Open Camera".
Instead use "HedgeCam 2". It's the same, it's a light fork with improved interface.

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Eric Glam: I think you got it wrong. I'm really NOT impressed, and I am an Android user. Best phone for videos is still the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
The 8K on this phone, and on other Android phones, is basically a gimmick.
They should all concentrate on 4K and below.

I'd much rather have a 2.5K video down-sampled from full width of the sensor which would have great color, sharpness and noise characteristics, in most lighting situations. That would be a much better approach.
There's a lot more to it, of course. Gimbal-like Stabilization could actually be properly implemented....would also be nice to get 10bit 4:2:2 sampling with a nice bitrate to hold "meaty" information.
Tonality and color-separation are much overlooked by most phone manufacturers, but Apple seems to get the gist.
Real-time WYSIWYG on screen is also something that Android needs to do better.
Smooth zooming between the camera modules also seems best implemented by Apple.
The Android camp has a lot of catching-up to do.

This phone is actually one of the best right now for photography, for it's IQ and features. Also one of the best at light, Vivo nailed the preservation of artificial light.
But no, the best is NOT the iPhone, is still the Huaweis P and Mate. They're simple the best.

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" first ever variable optical zoom"
"Sony is the first to incorporate such a design into a shipping product"

No, this is not true, it was done before.
Asus for example did this in 2015.

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On article Sony Xperia 1 Mark II sample gallery updated (93 comments in total)
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breamer: Even in the early days of these comments you can see two distinct camps. Those that dislike the images, complaining of the smart phone look, and plasticky files versus those that think the results look good. I fall in to the latter camp and really like what Sony has done here. To me it looks like a great little camera for documenting life and sharing the results with family and friends. It's in the same ballpark price-wise as other flagship phones but has better autofocus and features for those who want to use it more like a camera than a smartphone.

The colors are great, but just that.
Compared with the competition these photos aren't that good, how can anyone say otherwise? There's to much noise and smeary details even on minimal noise. These sensors can do a lot better, there's plenty of examples.

Of course, the photos are still "good enough", but we can also discuss how what Sony achieved after so many months of wait and with the power of their camera division compares with the other smartphone brands are delivering for some time.

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On a photo in the Sony Xperia 1 Mark II sample gallery sample gallery (5 comments in total)
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Lotus Cat: I was enjoying the photos and then this one came along. Absolutely awful in the shaded areas. In particular, look a the upper parts of the building on the right and the shaded parts of the automobiles; noisy, mushy. This is the camera, not the photographer.

Phones tend to exaggerate with the noise reduction, but this phone is keeping too much noise even with minimal easy on any shadows.

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On a photo in the Sony Xperia 1 Mark II sample gallery sample gallery (2 comments in total)
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pwmoree: Amazing, this from a phone!

Not really "amazing" for phones today.

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thx1138: A sneaky way of admitting what a flop the 108MP unit in the S20+ has turned out to be on IQ and AF.

It's "only a flop" on the S20 Ultra. All competitors using 108mpx sensors deliver better quality and focus.

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photoac: I remember Intel...

Hey, Joe!
I remember!
I remember!

Believing in yourself
Image of you fighting
Still in my heart
I remember you forever...

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sh10453: The usual Intel marketing / PR BS.
5.x GHz? How long would these CPUs run at 5.x GHz, even a single-core, and how many laptop spare batteries are required to support 5.x GHz, with the fan running at max speed?

I'm sticking with AMD, the company that Intel tried very hard to bankrupt and kill.
I have ZERO trust in Intel's claims AND ETHICS.
Thankfully, AMD survived, and is now making better processors than Intel's.

My main machine is a desktop, with the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, 8-core (X=unlocked processor), 16-thread processor that challenges me to throw anything photography at it.
I built this machine in September 2018. My only regret is that I didn't get the 16-core, just for the heck of it.
The next machine I'll build, if I need to, will certainly be powered by a 16-core AMD processor.

Anything not made by Adobe.

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