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On article Compositional Rules (120 comments in total)

These rules were not made up by art teachers. They were deduced from the study of successful art. You don't necessarily have to follow these rules, but I believe you should know what they are and what they represent. They're an imperfect attempt to understand why human beings would rather gaze at item #1 than at item #2. I want people to look at my pictures, so I pay attention to the rules.

That's not to say I follow them slavishly. It's more a matter of playing with composition and cropping until I see something I really like, then asking whether or not it follows one or more of the classic rules. No surprise -- it usually does.

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On article Leica unveils X2 16MP premium large-sensor compact (207 comments in total)

As a former owner of a Leica IIIc, I have to say:
1. The X-2 with OVF is gorgeous. It would look stunning hanging from my wrinkly old neck on an elegant leather strap, just like my IIIc did.
2. F/2.8 is faster than the f/3.5 with which I took hundreds of good photos, including many in dim light, at ISO of only 400.
3. I assume the X-2 lens extends electrically, whereas my old Elmar had to be withdrawn and locked in place by hand.
4. My IIIc had to be focused manually, but the X-2 has automatic focusing.
5. The accessory OVF looks much bigger and brighter than the squinty peep-hole in my IIIc.
These improvements, in a body about the same size, shape and beauty as my old IIIc, would make this camera much better than the IIIc. I call that tasteful progress, and I say, "Bravo, Leica!"
I won't buy one, though, as I have not yet worn out my 6-year-old, 8-megapixel Canon 30D.

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