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Update to below: Moved to Seattle/Tacoma area 9-2015, after two years in Korea and eleven in Beijing, as a professor. This, and next year's trips: Moscow, Paris, Detroit (for the Thanksgiving Santa parade), Pasadena (Rose Bowl Parade), Beijing, DPRK, and maybe Cuba. Much of the US travel by train.
Currently living in Seoul (Anyang). Lived in Beijing about 11 years. Just completed 5th trip to the DPRK (planning another), and also attended the Victory Parade in Moscow (2015-5-9). Will arrive in Seattle in September with a cocker spaniel, and no place to live and no friends there. Looking forward to it! Beautiful (?) drawing of my dog was created in a restaurant in Beijing in April by my online (QQ) ten year-old Beijing student for a birthday card. I think it says more about her (and Bobo) than any photo. Update (2018-11): Just finished trip to visit friends in Beijing and (S.) Korea; visited Mongolia for the first time. Liked it. Walked a lot; few photos, if any.

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