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On article Leica unveils X2 16MP premium large-sensor compact (207 comments in total)
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Priaptor: If I were a Fuji owner, as many of you are, I wouldn't be gloating so much. The Sony NEX-7 literally blows the door off your investments, but a discussion for another time.

My take on the X series, is as an owner of an M9 who Leica is appealing to with their X line, the camera just doesn't make sense. But neither does the NEX-7 or Fuji variants, for me, no matter how compelling Sony and Fuji variants are.

Those of us already shooting with an M already have a compact and wonderful camera. I rather buy another lens.

Just my opinion.

"The Sony NEX-7 literally blows the door off your investments"

Exploding camera destroys house? Do you know what the word "literally" means?

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1972 snr: I don't like the cover, because it pushes a lifestyle of people that is too subjective, gay. If it walks like a duck, then it's a duck. This is a forum, that's my comment about the way the book is being advertised. What about the photography, where are the shooters or this is what we have come to now, fashion what-to-be photographer who want to push their lifestyle on the art.

Maybe if you'd seen the exhibition or knew something about the grotesque abuses the gay community has been subject to in South Africa you might change your bigoted mind. Or maybe not. Some of the female subjects of the photographs have been subjected to "punishment" gang-rape and been infected with HIV/ AIDS during that torture. Of course you probably don't care about that. That is part of the reason for those pictures - to bring attention to these horrors. But to your ignorant provincial mind they are "pushing" a lifestyle on you?

For shame!

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I did a review on my blog:

Of the exhibition, not the book.

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PaulRivers: I still think it was weird that dpreview made such a big deal over iso settings not going over from mode to mode. I've read many posts from people confused as to why they set the iso and it applied in shutter priority (I mean in general, not specific to the x100) or why changing the shutter speed in manual also affected the shutter speed in shutter priority mode.

And then of course there's others that don't change - change the iso on a Canon s95 in Manual and it doesn't affect the other modes (which is good because you wouldn't want to set the iso to 80 in M then find out it is now hard set to 80 in P to), but then setting the shutter speed affects the shutter speed in shutter priority.

Just think it's weird someone made such a huge deal over it. Maybe some other settings make sense, like shooting raw, or file size...stuff like that needs to move from mode to mode. But iso? I'm not sure which I prefer, but I think it's a little weird dpreview made such a huge deal over it.

I've been shooting with the camera since March and I've never found it the ISO settings the slightest bit confusing. I read the manual first, a radical step I know. Oh I said, that's slightly different from my Canon, might be useful sometimes. Then they changed the firmware because most people are obviously incapable of reading the manual. Now it works like my Canon DSLR. Also not confusing.

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On article Fujifilm updates X100 firmware to v1.10 (108 comments in total)
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Gethenderson: I was waiting for this firmware upgrade to see if it addressed the concerns that have held me back from buying the X100. And it doesn't.

1) RAW button assignment.
2) MF ring being too slow.

Crazy oversights to me. Lost them a customer right here.

The RAW button is because they made the best JPG engine ever seen in any camera. Period. They also combined it with an excellent Auto-DR option for protecting highlights, and incredible high-ISO performance and excellent noise quality when it does finally appear.

Unless you've actually owned and used the camera however you wouldn't know this.

The jpg engine so good that it's almost impossible to get results as good from any of the major RAW converters and takes a ton of work.

Occasionally under very odd lighting I will use the RAW button to get a RAW capture, but I have never shot anything except RAW with my DSLRs, but simply don't bother with the X100. There's no point.

Stupid Fuji putting their best engineers on their jpg engine. What could they have been thinking?

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On article Fujifilm updates X100 firmware to v1.10 (108 comments in total)
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opticaloptimum: The sad thing is that software cannot fix the X100's main weakness: that the lens is very soft when wide open, especially when focussed close. This is stated clearly in the DPReview review and is evident in the review's photo of a little girl, whose face is not sharp even though in the centre of the picture. What is the point of having a f2.0 lens if it cannot take sharp pictures? The main use of f2.0 for me would be portraits where the face is sharp but the background is out of focus. In my opinion the X100 fails in this respect. It seems that Fuji gave keeping the lens small priority over being sharp.

At close distances at f2 the lens is soft. Sometimes this matters, sometimes not.

It is only a 23mm lens and expecting it to substitute for a short telephoto is silly.

At f2 focussed at longer distances it is unbelievably sharp. Quite simply spectacular.

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On article Fujifilm updates X100 firmware to v1.10 (108 comments in total)
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Dougbm_2: Good stuff but does not fix my main gripe. When the ISO is assigned to the function button it would be ideal to also have a selection to turn Auto ISO on or off and to change it's settings – all from the function button menu. Also when holding down the function button to change the ISO there is not enough time to spin the wheel. Needs to hold the activation longer. Also the wheel direction is counter intuitive. Rotating to the right should increase not decrease ISO.

Auto ISO does seem a bit odd sometimes, occasionally making strange choices such as ISO 800 and 1000s (aperture priority) rather than the preferred lower ISO (200) and lower shutter speed (250s) even when set at min 1/60s in auto ISO menu.
Also the menu selections should be able to be repositioned to your preference (eg I would move Auto ISO to the top of the menu).
Ideally Fuji could put in a 'My Menu' so we can assign frequent functions.

And yes 2 function buttons instead of one plus RAW would be great.

The higher choice of minimum ISO is becaues you also have Auto-DR enabled.

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On article Fujifilm updates X100 firmware to v1.10 (108 comments in total)
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yashicadude: A minor improvement, hopefully they'll address the two largest issues for me....the Auto ISO buried in menus fiasco and the in viewfinder picture review when using the OVF. There should be an option to send the picture review to either the EVF or the rear's very distracting when shooting.

If you do that then how do you propose the minimum ISO setting for auto mode should be set on the fly?

There is an answer to the question, but your ire seems to have blinded you to the issues involved.

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