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dash2k8: Is that price correct??? If so, it's a huge steal considering how expensive everything in this field is, especially when it's new.

blackmagic stuffs are always not crazy expensive. their video editor is $300

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Sranang Boi: That's a very good idea. It will sell big time if the price is right.

moto phones are not popular anywhere

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the output looks good, unlike many other VR cams.

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falconeyes: Now, this really smells.
Identical sensor, still publishing 1point better result before this test delayed by 2 years. Without offering an explaination.

DxO, please reveal the commercial incentive for doing so, otherwise you’ll face a hard time to be considered an objective source of information ever again.

Even credit rating agencies receive money, why shouldn't dxo?

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Thorfinn: As HiRES at the olympics 2020 are announced, I will invest in cooling & refridgerating suppliers - These monstrous amount of data has to be computed somewhere.

I am so much not looking forward to count the blades of the green. Maybee some pixelpeekers will love it.
There is only SD footage of Mark Spitz, Jessie Owens run is only b/w. So what!

If master tapes of old footage are kept, they are capable of 8K.
Old movies are 8k ready. Movies shot with most prosumer fullhd cameras aren't. How ironic

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On article Sharp's new 8K camera is $77,000 (167 comments in total)
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RedFox88: Many people, included, have skipped 4K. I'll wait for 8k. My HD plasmas ar great

Maybe plasma profit margin is less than lcd

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On article Sony Alpha 7S Review (497 comments in total)
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RDAW: While I can understand the hesitation of some to even try A7S at 12Mp, I can honestly say that you do yourself a disservice. This is a sensational stills cam unequalled for most work as these 12Mp are based on technology not found in other cameras so you aren't comparing apples to apples by simple pixel count. The newly designed full frame 12Mp can literally turn night to day, a significant accolade. While I could go on and list the numerous reasons I believed valid to switch to this camera as my stills camera of choice, the video capabilities have found favor by professional videographers. The A7S has produced commercials along with currently a movie in production using the A7S for numerous on-location shots where larger cameras would have been difficult to utilize. That alone is quite impressive.

Is the iso6400 in low light very clean and detailed?

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Can't wait for $15 chinese version!

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DarnGoodPhotos: SnapChat has made a spectacle of themselves.


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BeaverTerror: Great camera. I might have been in the market for one of these, but in 2014 when Panasonic decided to price their long-anticipated 42.5mm prime at $1600 instead of the expected $1000, I laughed out loud, dumped all my M43 gear, went to Fuji and never looked back. I probably would have paid up to $1300 for that lens. Three years later this lens is now selling for a price of $1225 on Amazon. Losing thousands over three hundred, talk about short sighted greed and stupidity.

This camera is priced almost the same as the Sony A7II. Somebody tell me why a buyer would spend $1700 on this instead of the full frame Sony. The bodies are of comparable size, and the Panasonic's one quarter sized sensor means you have to use a lens two stops faster to achieve the same result, negating any lens weight savings.

And by the way, $1700 is body only for the Panasonic, while the Sony includes a kit lens. The Sony body only is $100 cheaper than the Panasonic.

A7II is great value. Some weakness:

1) no silent e-shutter
2) slower continuous burst
3) only full HD video (but supports s-log profile)

so for those who don't need G9's features, A7ii is superb. it's $1125 in Asia now

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Najinsky: Dear Panasonic ideas dept, If you want me drop $1700 on a m43 camera, here's how you do it:

Build a body with great ergonomics and great styling. A body that makes me smile, makes me want to grab it and shoot the bejesus out of it. Think Hassleblad X1D mini.

Put your best sensor and image processor into it. 4/3 is, just, over the threshold of good enough, enough of the time. But sadly there are still some shots it where it wasn't quite good enough this time. You need to do all you can to make me sad less often.

Put your best AF features in it. My preference is for subjects to get focus over backgrounds. Sometimes they'll be moving.

Don't skimp on the EVF.

I don't need 20, 40 or 60 FPS for stills. 12 is fine. If you can make it faster, great, but it's not a priority.

I don't need 4K video, but I realise this is your thing, so I'm happy for you to include it. And I guess the 6k photo mode will offer something for those rare or speciality occasions where 12fps might not be enough.

6k photo mode is jpeg only right?

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juhab: The Slide straps appear to be essentially the same as the Hakuba straps I bought from Japan a while ago. Just three times as expensive... http://www.hakubaphoto.jp/products/detail/0101160094-6Z-00-00

I really like a smooth, sliding adjustable strap when hiking compared to non-skid Optech style straps (that make your whole shirt/jacket sway with the camera), but 50$ for a meter and a half of nylon is steep.

I'm deciding whether I should cancel that slide lite pledge ($35). I realised that it's one strap for few cameras. Comes with 4 of those camera holder thingey. A bit extra for convenience.

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Why close an e-business?
Running a e-shop cost next to nothing compared to brick and mortar.
One single person can basically run the show. The e-shop could even be run from Portugal if they wanted to. Blaming it to grey import is a very weak excuse.

I see this as a clear sign that Nikon is in BIG troubles.

I'm curious about the reason they went fully e-store. Is Brazil not business friendly?

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zzzxtreme: Exclusive? Was it always that way? Dell can't do well in some countries without dealerships

In some countries, they changed their model to dealerships when they find that exclusive Web store model doesn't work in those countries.

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On article Canon EOS M100 review (769 comments in total)
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armandino: Maybe not touch screen, but for $200 you get a used Sony NEX3N. That is all you need for a camera with no EVF and no hot shoe.

$200 is actually nex6. 3N is $120

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On article Canon EOS M100 review (769 comments in total)
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zzzxtreme: Is the sensor much "better" than the original M?

thanks. so the eos M at $100 is pretty good value, especially if one does not need AF

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Exclusive? Was it always that way? Dell can't do well in some countries without dealerships

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rpensotti: If this camera is supposed to replace a cellphone camera such as the Galaxy S8, why doesn't it have the ability to shoot real panoramas, by panning (horizontally, or vertically) while taking the picture?
Most superwide angle pictures have an horizontal development and with this Panorama feature, Canon could develop a pancake style 30/35 mm fixed lens with the capability of shooting mid distance portraits and Panavision 70 superwide (2.76: 1) panoramas with great advantage in cost and portability.
Is there a technical reason why this option is not available on APS-C cameras?
I am constanly using this feature with my S8 with amazing results.

I really want a modern (cheap) equivalent of hasselblad xpan. Any ideas?

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On article Canon EOS M100 review (769 comments in total)

Is the sensor much "better" than the original M?

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Jefftan: if use with MF lens like Laowa 7.5mm F2
better than all 16MP Olympus/Panasonic camera

16MP should not exist in 2017

Id rather have 10-12MP m43 sensor. 16MP is too cramp for the sensor size. M43 photos have a sterile look to it

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