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On article Fujifilm GFX 100S review (936 comments in total)

Hmm... I need to make more money :'(

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visualenvy: For that price they could have at least improved the body or done something to make it stand out from their A7 line.

They don't even care to entice those who still hate their ergonomics (me).

I am aware it is completely subjective. Many like it, many are impartial and many don't like it at all.
Out of all the cameras I have held, Sony and Fuji are my least favorite. Just the way they feel in the hand makes me think of it negatively where as Nikon and Canon just feel better.
Maybe I'm also still biased against my regret of buying an A6000 many years ago and never got over my dislike for Sony user interface and experience.
I really am interested in the great technology that Sony do provide but I also value the 'feel' of using it and Sony so far have kept me away.. but that's just me and I'm not everyone :)

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User1234567890: My guess

Remove 8K and 4K@120, cut half resolution and you have the future A9iii.

I think this is the new A9 and won't see another.

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Kwick1: And still feels like you’re holding a computer and not a camera.

I wouldn't even say a computer as new computers have slick operating systems.
Sony is stuck in some 90s Casio watch design.

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Jose E. Hernandez: Disappointed due to same body with terrible ergonomics, no built-in GPS (relying in an iPhone is not feasible due to connectivity issues), the same SD size style flimsy cards, no 100% AF points in viewfinder and same size small resolution LCD. No questioning other technological advances such as improved menu, autofocus, etc. Moved to Sony in 2018 because superb mirrorless technology but now Canon awakened and I will not hesitate to move back depending in what the Canon R1 will present.

Completely agree. I just can't understand why this level of camera would still use that A7 body form factor.
It doesn't have to be a huge D6/1Dx size body, but something a bit different from their normal angular box design.

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For that price they could have at least improved the body or done something to make it stand out from their A7 line.

They don't even care to entice those who still hate their ergonomics (me).

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Is it a fair statement that being able to design and fabricate sensors 'in house' is what is giving Sony and Canon the edge over Nikon and Panasonic?

Before mirrorless, when focus was the work of a dedicated module, Nikon for example could engineer their own and use somewhat generic image sensors to build great cameras. That's what made them so popular and influential in the DSLR only days. But now, with mirrorless resulting in most of the new tech being designed and built into the image sensor itself, unfortunately Nikon are at the disadvantage. Canon have deep pockets to continue fabricating their own sensors and Sony Entertainment have the R&D resources to keep pushing forward but keeping the best for themselves.

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Will it fit on a gimbal :D

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Prepare for your YouTube page to be loaded with 'expert' commentary from the click bait gang tomorrow....

But for my own personal commentary, this is sad for the employees however every Nikon product I've purchased since my D700 and 24-70G (2010) has been made in Thailand or China anyway.

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I would hope that all contracts this year included some sort of wording for potential exposure. Especially if someone knew they were positive which is obviously extremely selfish.

I have shunned all events this year because I find those that still want to go ahead with large gatherings are the type of people who already disregard precaution and care not for anyone else.

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While specs seems to be the obsession, all I am looking for is how they will design the next body.
The new grip is an improvement but is still limited as it doesn't have the two FN buttons and is awkward with the FTZ adapter foot.
No shutter mode dial is also missing from the Z bodies that I personally value from the DSLR bodies.
Design a better LCD mechanism and make it larger with better touch functionality.
Add a physical switch for AF modes and allow FN buttons to operate different AF area modes.

Basically take the good aspects of the current DSLR bodies and apply the good aspects of the Z bodies, while also improving on both with new ways to interact and operate the camera.

Specs wise, internal 10bit, unlimited video is all I can ask for. Photo specs are great already so I can't think what else I would ask for except for the user experience changes summarized above.

I really hope we don't simply get more specs in the current body again for the Z 8.

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On article Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II: Should you buy one? (450 comments in total)

My personal opinion is simply that we must be a bit more patient when expecting ground breaking updates.
In the past, most model updates were on a 3-4 year cycle which unfortunately for those manufactures was busted by Sony's at-all-cost rapid fire strategy to catch up. This resulted in our new expectation that large updates would be released in half that time. Consumer electronics, especially phones, computers and gadgets didn't help our psychology either.
Now that Sony have established themselves you see that even they have slowed down. No A7IV yet, but an A7C, the time waited for the A7SIII let alone the tiny hop to the A9II.
While it appears that Canon went all out with the R5/6 they also didn't go far with the original R/RP.
The original Z 6/7 cameras are very capable cameras but with just an edge on AF the A7III was slightly ahead.
With only memory cards and grip missing, these new versions allow for something bigger next year which aligns with their traditional release cycle.

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On article Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II: Should you buy one? (450 comments in total)
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ncsakany: I don't get the backlit controls gripe. I develop muscle memory for all controls after only a few days with a camera and could operate it with my eyes closed. Same with music instruments, they're most often played without the musician so much as even glancing at them.

While I agree muscle memory can be developed from hand holding the camera, once it is on a tripod, especially in an awkard orientation the light up buttons do help in the dark.
Your finger memory works because when you hold the camera you know where to place your fingers from that stationary point. That doesn't necessarily translate once the camera is out of your hands.

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On article Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II: Should you buy one? (450 comments in total)
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J C Strange: Great article. Basically, it would have made more sense to long-time Nikon users if they were "S" cameras instead of "II." Not something current users will necessarily upgrade to, but something more polished than first gen.

The S moniker wasn't used most likely because it would cause confusion for people comparing models from other brands.
Particularly how Sony have A7, A7S and A7R so Z 6/7S might be wrongly compared to the A7S instead of the A7 and A7R models.
Of course for us that know every model out there it isn't so confusing but being more distinct by naming it as version 2 helps the new buyer.

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On article Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II: Should you buy one? (450 comments in total)
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Horshack: Barney, why did you choose to tape-over your Z7's AF assist light rather than disabling it in the a12 menu?

It also flashes as a countdown indicator when using a timed shutter which can be distracting.

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On article Hands-on with the new Panasonic Lumix DC-BGH1 (102 comments in total)
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visualenvy: What a great little studio cam :)

Sure its capable for studio use but there are differences such as the GH5s doesn't have POE for example.
Just a different tool, that's all.

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On article Hands-on with the new Panasonic Lumix DC-BGH1 (102 comments in total)

What a great little studio cam :)

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Razor512: Sadly nikon is horrible at long term growth and investment. With more successful companies, they release a solid product, then they improve it with frequent updates that add new software features, and improve performance. For example, compare the the late cycle nikon updates to fujifilm. Nikon pushed out an update for their DSLRs that removed 1 entry from the time zone list. Fujifilm pushed out an update that improved the speed and accuracy of low light focusing. They also improved subject tracking, and improved the range at which subjects can be tracked.
No algorithm is perfect, only nikon avoids optimization and continued development.

I love when my car dealer upgrades my engine.

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Don Davis: I have a 40 year experience with Nikon, and shot nothing else until the last 3-4 years. Had so hoped for a mirrorless ILC with the F-mount to use my beautiful AI and AIS manual focus lenses, but sadly I know now that will never happen. If I have to use the FTZ adapter with the added bulk, I may as well use them on a Fuji or other brand with a more "traditional" form factor. I am not a marketing person and so I am not qualified to comment on the marketing strategy of the Z mount. I just hate that it ends this way for the legacy stuff.

An F mount mirrorless camera would be called the Nikon FML :)

If anything it would be a niche product like the DF. It would also need the screw driver AF to appease those who want to use AF-D/S lenses with an EVF. Those were reserved for mid to high level bodies but I think if they were ever to invest R&D resources for such a body it would have to be a pure photography body under $1k. If the price of such a camera was higher it wouldn't make sense to build since we have existing options with D7x0 range and don't think an EVF is enough.

Z mount is the future and existing DSLR options or FTZ are for those who want to continue using past generation and legacy lenses.

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visualenvy: Why do people expect these interviews to be riddled with future announcements when there is already a process for releasing that information.. when it's the right time.

These interviews are just a way for the company to comment on high level aspects even if the basic summary is "we are proud of what we have delivered and are continuously working to release improved products".

When new products are in the final stages of their development then we will know about them. They have said information will be released on October 14th and that is good to know.

While we crave new announcements every single day it doesn't work like that. We have become too accustomed to talking about new specs instead of actually using what we have now and having some patience for new releases.

The Z 6/7 II is yet to be announced and already everyone is fixated on a rumored Z 9 said to be released a whole year from now. So easily distracted by the future we forget to enjoy the here and now.

If you asked above your level for permission to give information which you have not been told to give then you would probably never get authorization to ever be interviewed.
Media relations has a script and you stick to it. While that seems to upset most consumers who crave something to dream about, in the real world companies control the message and normally it doesn't include employees or managers providing their own opinions, let alone sensitive information about future developments.
Many people get straight up fired for going off script while representing the company they work for.

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