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random78: Does this review including the AF comparison for video mode that was in progress. I quickly skimmed through but didn't see it. Though I might not have looked hard enough

Since Hybrid AF is really most important for video on the Canon Rebel, it would be very useful to see a comparison of video AF on moving subjects for different DSLR and mirrorless cameras. This needs, of course, to be of exactly the same scenes. The review says that it is so unreliable to be essentially unusable, but the footage I have seen elsewhere of similar scenes shows the hybrid AF on the rebel providing smoother video than the Panasonic G3 for example, while zooming, because it does less noticeable focus adjustments.
Static, single shot scene comparisons are must less useful in comparison. In the end, which video AF gives the best results in actual footage?
Also, has anyone been in touch with Canon? Do they think that firmware can help the hybrid focus or is it performing as expected?

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one more point: i do think that hybrid AF performance with an ultrasonic EF lens like the short panny zoom used here will be slightly better for still photos AF speed. The STM lenes are not for speed. It may be louder but I think it will be faster, although again I do think it will be slight. Try a 17-40 or something similar to the 14-45 panny you tested.

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There seems to be a lot of confusion in these comments about what these videos show.
A couple of conclusions and observations to put this in perspective:
1. Rebel's main and preferred AF mode is thru the viewfinder, which is phase AF, and is very fast. G5 has one AF mode, contrast AF via live view (or an electronic viewfinder, same thing) and it is also very fast on a still subject. Tests show the G3, GH2, G5 are as fast to faster focusing on still subjects than the rebel, 60d, on still subjects.
2. Rebel AF is generally preferred and superior to G5 AF on moving subjects.
3. As a secondary mode of AF on the rebel, live view, still objects AF is v.slow with hybrid AF compared to G5.
4. As to video AF, which is primary benefit to rebel, Hybrid AF may or may not work, though early videos of similar scenes show it favorable to G5 video AF IMHO.
5. Has DP review talked to Canon? Can firmware improve performance?
6. Hybrid is more critical for EOS-M as sole AF method.

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