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makofoto: Ordered mine. I use to make my own. Drill a hole in a body cap, glue hammered brass foil over it ... it's important that the edge of the hole be super thin ... paint black and drill a tiny hole. I had a set of tiny model maker drill bits. One could even make multiple apertures to bet a Multi image prism effects.

I used to drill a small hole in thin Al-foil (from chocolate) with a (rotating) sewing needle clamped in the table drill. The Al foil was temporarily glued on a cork and afterwards glued over a hole in a body cap. I am still looking for the optimal hole diameter for a given focus length in relation to diffraction unsharpness....

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Ebrahim Saadawi: -Mirror box/shutter lag
-Inaccurate testing method: not 100% identical
1- Camera Settings
2- Subject motion
-Higher power of the Grip might push AF speed of 1 is the problem.
-Higher pixel count shows more AF inaccuracies

My head can't think of anything else!

For 100% accurate AF testing one would need some kind of automated motion subject and shooting with a fixed camera on a tripod with an external remote, using the same AF settings, burst rate, and resolution (20mp on the d850 and 7fps on the D5)

Inaccurate flange shimming!

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It will be unprecedented if the thumb rest is also a handle to actuate a small power generator(dynamo). One stroke for 5 shots...

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steelhead3: This could be Nikon's last gasp to stay in business.

ASML started as a split off from Philips, taking many Philips engineers with it, and stayed in the Eindhoven regio. Sony and Philips had a dispute about licenses at the time, which was being negotiated in Japan. When the Sony delegation thought they mastered the situation, they left the conference room, a heavy insult to the Dutch. The next day they came back, humbled and in tears...They had found out that they had overlooked some crucial Philips patent that could not be circumvented. Some ASML people may remember that story...

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Great documentary! Love that man Klein!

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On article Eurostar makes a tablet for the ladies (14 comments in total)

I guess that selling starts on April 1st!

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Mssimo: We are going to be looking at this for the next 10 years or so..i think we need to think ahead and add at least one more hot girl.

By doing some shifting there will be ample space for a beautyful doll wearing well detailled feathers on some critical spaces. Otherwise a skin detail with finely molded shadows...

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Nishi Drew: What XF1 color did dpreview vote on?

If there are 5 choices I will vote 2, 4,6,14, 16 so the ladies may have a bright coloured one...

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cpkuntz: Why do they use 2 mp sensors? Robust build? The Apollo mission used Hasselblads. Why not get some medium format goodness on board one of these rovers?

Because of the extreme low S/N, data transmission will be very slow; the receiver bandwidth on earth might easily be less than one Hertz...

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IcyVeins: Just wondering but why would you need f/2.8 for doing macro? Don't you usually want as much DOf as possible since you are focusing so close?

@ J.S.Wisniewski:
Thank you for pointing out the welcome effect of shrinking focus length when close focussing..I used the old formula: 1/V + 1/B = 1/F when I read that the closest focus distance was 470 mm (= distance between V and B).

'Who is John Galt'

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IcyVeins: Just wondering but why would you need f/2.8 for doing macro? Don't you usually want as much DOf as possible since you are focusing so close?

Sadly, at close-up, the effective focus length of this lens has shrunk to 117 mm when 1:1. Is this called super-focus-breathing?

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viking79: I like how it out performs all the best L glass at 40 mm, of course you give up the added range. Looks like a winner for $200.

The fact that its resolving power does not get much better by stopping down points to some residual astigmatism. Typical for a Tessar-type.

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