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On article Nico360 to be 'world's smallest' 360-degree camera (24 comments in total)
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webber15: I don't know what's more depressing nowadays...360 cams that no-one appears to buy or video infiltration of "photography" websites...

I might get used to it oneday...

I will buy a 360 camera because I have to choose a forward or backward view right now for surfing video. It would be nice to not have to choose. I am waiting to see if gopro has some release soon as they are overdue. Outside of a few cases, I would not bother with 360, but I will use one a lot if its relatively small like the gopro.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2016 at 01:22 UTC
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noisephotographer: I wonder whether the decision of 28mm instead of 35mm is good in terms of image quality. The field of view of a 35mm lens would contain the field of view of four 70mm lenses. That's the concept how they improve the images computationally. A 35mm image would have been calculated via the data of five 35mm images and four 70mm images (each corner) + one 70mm image for the centre of the image. But the field of view of a 28 mm lens would contain the field of view of more than six(!) 70mm lenses. So I don't know how they want to do this.

I would guess they knock that 70mm down to a 56mm. But, they cant get virtual focus and aperture if they use all the lenses to cover 1 space, they need to vary some by aperture and focus to allow the correction in post. Maybe the blur is really one wide angle, cause the blur isn't a high res thing.

Link | Posted on Jul 9, 2016 at 23:46 UTC

If they initially thought people want 35-150mm focal length, they already don't get it.

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On article Yi action camera updates original with 4K video (51 comments in total)
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PixelJ: I wish these action camera companies would offer swapable lenses for 90 degree or 80 degree fields of view.

They sort of do. Gopro uses a threaded lens mount. If you replace it with a 5.4mm lens you get 30mm relative field of view. I have swapped a couple out, but its not something you can do quickly.

A "real" camera does not belong on a surfboard. It has to be small. Its ideal by design. And yes, I want a fisheye lens on it because I need a wide field of view AND I don't want to pay $500 just for the waterproof housing.

Link | Posted on May 18, 2016 at 02:18 UTC
On article Yi action camera updates original with 4K video (51 comments in total)
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GCHYBA: How is this better than a GoPro?
I'm just curious, the specs look similar, but the GoPro has all these mounts and stuff already out there.
Someone educate me please?

Its hard to tell what the res and framerate actually are. No great detail on their site.

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On article Yi action camera updates original with 4K video (51 comments in total)
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GCHYBA: How is this better than a GoPro?
I'm just curious, the specs look similar, but the GoPro has all these mounts and stuff already out there.
Someone educate me please?

The killer here is gopro can do 2.7k at 60fps. That is an important setting because you can reduce the image to 1080 and gain some of the sharpness in the downsample and still be at 60fps. This camera can only do it to 30fps.

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On article Yi action camera updates original with 4K video (51 comments in total)
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GCHYBA: How is this better than a GoPro?
I'm just curious, the specs look similar, but the GoPro has all these mounts and stuff already out there.
Someone educate me please?

If they are using a sony sensor now, it really may be solid competition to the gopro. I am doing 3d with the 3+black gopro, and nobody does that. Also the gopro has the ability to do external mics and displays and offers a bunch of different FPS and resolution AND lens FOV selections. I see all those features bleeding into the knockoffs. I really debate getting a knockoff now.

Gopro delayed their new flagship hero. I just hope they don't make it in the session form factor. They have indicated it will be that shape and I do not like the lens in front of the lens concept. I want it in a waterproof case, or the raw lens, not some acrylic thing always in front of the lens. Not to mention ALL my cases wont work then.

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mike051051: these guys are at it again? I thought they would have gotten tired of running the same scam over and over and over again, but I guess I underestimated their capacity for misjudging the market, promising the moon and stars and delivering green cheese late and 4X over budget. The Emperor still has no clothes!

Produce this stand alone and operable totally independent of any Lytro cloud or servers, as you can do with Photoshop etc, and allow it to be output in whatever the prevalent file format is for commercial film distribution is these days and I might change my mind.

These are very interesting solutions they are working on. It looks like it does fit the picture industry better due to their special needs.

Link | Posted on Apr 12, 2016 at 16:35 UTC
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J A C S: Correct me if I am wrong: the only video captured and computed by a Lytro camera is the one with the stills... and the rest is just wishful thinking?

Well, they say 300fps, that would be video.

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On article Power Zoom: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100 Review (349 comments in total)
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crashpc: That´s what you get for small lens with large zoom ratio. MF is awesome. FF could "go". APS-C will get the duck and go, and MFT,where it breaks would still pass and go. 1" device? Errr, no. Not with these lenses. Please, do some better lenses for this awesome sensor!

And none of those fit in your pocket. This is not an attempt to make a FF camera. Its the biggest sensor you can cram into your pocket.

Link | Posted on Apr 4, 2016 at 19:26 UTC

It looks like a 1 axis stabilizer, to rotate the camera.

Link | Posted on Mar 18, 2016 at 16:34 UTC as 6th comment

I just shot some snowboarding and its pretty much not usable without a stabilizer. I have gone as far as I can go with stabilizer software. This type of thing is needed, and at $349, it sounds a little unbelievable. I debate a 3 axis gimball, but don't want the size. So, waterproof??? That's where things get even more difficult it seems for stabilization.

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (277 comments in total)
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steve ohlhaber: No optical stabilizer? There goes any reason you could have had to buy this thing.

Yes. This is going to be used handheld. Nobody is showing up with a tripod with this thing. You need some stabilization. 32mm isn't going to help you somehow.

Link | Posted on Mar 14, 2016 at 22:22 UTC
On article Opinion: Enthusiast compacts have finally come of age (469 comments in total)

I think the average person wants something that is small, 24-200mm and a big a sensor as can be managed. The Panasonic zs100 pretty much nails it at a price. I think for people that need more zoom, the Sony HX line has been THE camera to get for years. I am talking about non pros with some money. I have seen people buy the Sony RX due to all the hype, and just hate it due to the small zoom range. 1 camera that can do everything when you only own 1 camera, that is what these are great at. Most people don't have 5 cameras, they want one, and these days, its one that is better than their phone, so it needs to be fairly noticeably better to the average person.

There still isn't really an in betweener. Something cheaper with a sensor between the 1/2.33" and 1". Maybe $500. I would say that would be the best camera for the masses ever, but nobody has made it.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with new Panasonic lenses and ZS100 (95 comments in total)
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Jefftan: for all the 1 inch sensor camera since RX100
ZS100 is the most useful

in my opinion, the real use of small sensor should be big zoom
I use MFT for the same purpose

long zoom lens for full frame or even APS-C is too big to be practical

Since no pro would ever use a travel zoom for a gig, the zs100 camera is better for the non pro stuff. I had the sony rx and the lack of a zoom made it worthless to me. If you take 1 camera on a trip and want to shoot personal stuff and don't like 1/2.33" sensors, that is the best option. The only other thing similar is Nikons 24-500, but that is twice as thick and $300 more. So, this is perfect for people that want some zoom range and better than tiny sensor quality. Its perfect.

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nicoboston: Nikon is launching three 1"-sensor cameras. Why not. But Panasonic strategy with the ZS100 seems more logical IMO. I'm looking for a decent travel/backup compact and I do not see the rationale behind all these confusing Canon G*X and now Nikon DL cameras. I never had a Panasonic before, but if the ZS100 continues getting good reviews (so far they are quite encouraging), it could be my next 2nd camera! I may change my mind if IQ from these DL is very high above the other ones, but I doubt it.

I am in the same boat. The zs100 is 44mm thick. The 24-500mm is a crazy 90mm thick. So, not close to pocketable. I have the Sony hx50v and its the best camera I ever owned, use it all the time. I could deal with a slightly bigger camera and would love a bigger sensor and could live with less zoom. So, $300 less for the panny zs100 looks ideal to me now. Its pretty dead center for me.

Link | Posted on Feb 26, 2016 at 00:05 UTC

Seems a bit pricey compared to the Panasonic ZS100. I want a travel zoom with a sensor that's bigger than 1/2.3". So, $300 more for the Nikon?? That's a pretty big gap. I owned the sony rx and it was not great for a travel zoom given the lack of zoom. I swear, something with a decent sensor is ok, everyone jumped to 1inch. That makes the entire camera too big now.

I cant believe I am saying this, but I want a sensor that is smaller so I can still fit this thing in my pocket like the sony hx50v. As soon as I cannot put it in my pocket, I don't care how big it is, so its going to be FF. Cant believe they didn't just go up a notch in size, they went nuts. Your travel zoom options are 1/2.33" or 1" not pocketable.

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Franka T.L.: For me, the culprit of all action camera is their sensor .. Ok Pentax do now switch to a lower MP 4K Video specific 8MP sensor and that's great, but its still a 1/2.3 and the limited DR and low light capacity is really limiting.

I would wager with all these 1" sensor we have now someone could made a vastly better action camera

I would love to see replaceable lenses on one of these action cams. I replaced the ones on the gopro and its easy to do, they just screw in. I need that small and waterproof housing. I just don't always need fisheye, but mostly I do NEED that fisheye. So, The action cam market does revolve around that focal length. I constantly see people on dry land shooting stuff like a car race with a gopro?!?!

Bigger sensor means bigger and heavier its another compromise. If they went just a tick bigger, that would be nice. A 1 inch sensor would be a massive camera, I don't know if that would sell. If you are that big, just buy a P/S and a water housing.

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On article Extreme made easy: GoPro HERO4 Session review (64 comments in total)

This camera makes way more sense now that the price dropped to $200. It started at $400 and everyone just ripped it apart as it does not compare to other gopros.

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